For Newcomers: KI Bronze to Killer Climb by Sajam (AKA Steeeeeeeve, AKA FRQ Steve)

For those of you just joining us, or for those of you that are still in a beginner to intermediate level of play, I would like to suggest spending some time watching the videos in the playlist linked below. I found this video series to be helpful and entertaining. Sajam is no joke, he’s great with reads and has a very restrained and effective play style.


Best tutorial video out there for KI! Between this Sajam video and Infils guide…you cant go wrong!

Excellent choice Marble :smiling_imp:

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I’m already killer rank, but I’m curious enough to want to watch this. :slight_smile:

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I’ll take a peek at it. It’s always good to find new tech.

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HA HA…I’m actually in the bronze or silver part of the video…his first opponent! He was nervous for a second!
He goes all the way through the ranked ladder from qualify to killer without loosing! Now that’s bad ■■■! and he he doesn’t really do anything crazy…just basic, calm, patient playing.
He makes it look so easy!

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He also fights Infil half way through, I think in GOLD… acknowledges Infills contribution to the community, calls him a legend…then pretty much wipes the mat with him.
I probably watched this video series 4x.
Unfortunately he hasn’t put out any decent KI videos since this one. MK took up all his time and now SF5.

I wish Sajam and Max would get back to KI!

Great series and good tips. Makes it look so easy. Problem I have now is I just hit gold and I’m playing mostly killers. So I’m in this limbo where I beat people usually at my experience level or lower, but get bodied by killers over and over. I gain a small amount of points from bronze/silver wins and lose it right back to killers.

Equally frustrating is the fact that I can look at replays and I think “wtf am I doing?” but during the match those things aren’t AS apparent. Is this a normal phase of skilling up?

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Yes sir! I went through that phase for a bit. It’s a good thing, toughens you up for Killer rank! :smile:

I’m right there with you man!!! Stuck in GOLD, gain about 100-200 points and then loose them all against Killers in 3 matches.

Now since the most recent patch… the match making has been much better at matching you against gold and silver instead of Killer…but the occasional killer still pops up every 3 matches.

Its just hard man…lots of good talent out there and getting to 1,000 points seems almost impossible unless you have a 15 win streak against gold and killer.

I have recently went to exhibition to play against human opponents and avoid the frustration of ranked…but that opened up a new issue…trolls

Dont give up man…just keep getting better…one day we will break through!

They way you have to look at is is not “What am I doing”, but more as “How can I do better”. As fighting game players, we make TONS of mistakes during matches. We are just able to react to our mistakes as quickly as we make them. Example: I do an accidental windkick, and the opponent blocks. So I hit instinct, and go into an overhead. Reacting to my input error and making it work. So, if you learn to be like, ok, I need more fireballs to do this, or I need to DP when this happens, you will become better in time! :smile:

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You want to be a killer right? Then you need to be able to be on the level of killers. If you can’t beat killers,you don’t belong there. Trust me ranked in Killers is tough. You do not want to be there unless you are ready. Just get better and eventually you will make it once you are ready.`

I still think its too terminology heavy. Quarter circle low and other words like that are too FGC for normal people.

I really appreciate this stuff. I don’t think people should be too disheartened by running into Killers a lot in ranked. It happens to me a bit too cuz I’m on the cusp of Killer in gold. I actually have a dozen more losses than wins in my 160 games or whatever it was, i havne’t played ranked in a while. But my progress to Killer is okay cuz the game doesn’t punish me quite as hard.

Has anyone seen the website ? Its got a great section of all S1 characters AD animations with captions to them all too. Its all gifs on one page. This would be great for any player who doesn’t start out really good. I wish they would add S2 chars.