For anyone (new) who wants to purchase Shadow Jago

You can still order an Xbox Live Gold Day One edition card from the Microsoft Store here:

Also many Gamestop stores still have stock of the Day One Gold cards, either behind the register or in their backroom. Just ask an employee to check for them, they come in clear plastic boxes. Several stores in my area had between 2-10+ card on hand.

Thought I would post this since I have seen several people asking about Shadow Jago. Technically this is still the cheapest way to get him (since you get a year of Xbox Live Gold). The metal card is kinda cool too.


I would wait. I feel like they’re going to give PC players a chance to get shadow jago.

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I wouldn’t if you check gamestops atleast they will give them to you for free as their cards do not give the gold anymore. Wait to buy one off the site though.

They’ll undoubtedly sell him again, possibly for the next community fund.

Has the Xbox live expired on these old cards? I need to redeem my Xbox Live before S3 so might as well get one that comes with a Shago code (even though I already have him.)

The card is not live until you purchase it, so no it does not expire. It has two codes: one for the year of Gold and another for Shadow Jago, so you could give the code to someone else if you want.

Yeah I’d wait. I can’t imagine Shago won’t be up for sale again in the near future. I personally feel he should just be put up in the store for purchase all the time at this point.

No he shouldn’t.

Why not?

No they do not EXPIRE