Footage to convince your friends KI is awesome

[spoiler]Hey guys. My friends an I often play Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games as a championship when we have some time at the college (I have many friends from other cities and we normally meet only in college - let’s skip the “we should study in the free time” part). Most of them are not that much into games and play Naruto because they find it simple and fun. I bring my notebook and Xbox controllers and we play.

Now, as Season 3 arrives to PC, I’m assuming we will be able to play P1 vs P2 in offline mode and I’d love to play with my friends. I have told them many times that there will come a game in March that will make us all forget Naruto but they didn’t seem too much into my hype.[/spoiler]
I would like to know if you guys have seen on Youtube a really good footage from the game, one that could convince my friends KI is great.
Most part of the videos I found are narrated and slow paced, and I’d like to show them an overview of all characters, the character sounds, background music, the dynamics and maybe some ultras. It would be better if it’s not too long too.

I hope I’m not asking too much. Can you suggest me something?
(Spoilered content is mostly my story so not necessary for the thread).

I`ll bait it and throw a low tier video of mine, the comeback is nice and the fact that are two non-human characters at stage is to throw of the comfort zone too. Also, non pro just normal dudes palying.

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Thank you guys. The more you send the more I appreciate it. I’ll show them.

This one is a bit low quality but still awesome.