Fix Kyle AI

It no longer shadow counters, on cpu vs cpu one is constantly blocking and the other is just throwing out random attacks leading to time-out.

Also, make them use their ultimates please.

There’s a lot that they could/should fix when it comes to the AI…

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I hope the @developers fix this, because I really want to play KI, but I can’t because of this.

Ive already asked for this, but its nice to see others agreeing.

Im all for it. I play offline a decent amount, and many MUs are just plain broken.

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The AI just constantly blocks, the only times i ever start a combo are either while they are attacking or i block an unsafe move

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I want to watch cpu vs cpu and see what the new Kilgore AI is like and stuff, but all the characters look useless with this broken AI atm, hence I’m waiting. I mainly watch cpu vs cpu for entertainment, plus it gets me in the mood to play the game.

I do think that they block WAY too much, even ever since S2. They need to be opened to things that a normal player wouldn’t read(I can’t do a flipout without my mixups being blocked 70% of the time). Now they’re not aggressive enough either, but they stall like crazy.

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It’s insane how low the AI dropped from Season 1 to Season 3.

It went from actual fun to playing Mugen.


They need to shadow counter again imo, because it’s so dull watching cpu vs cpu now and/or even fighting them.

I got it for PC like last year, the AI was good back then? What happened? Lol.

Boss Gargos happened. They nerfed Kyle because it made Boss Gargos an absolute BS nightmare what with his added shenanigins and buffs. And when they did, it made the AI stupid dumb.
Honestly I would like to see not only Kyle fixed, so to speak, but I would honestly like to see a completely different AI design used for each character. IMHO, that would make for a much more interesting game. And what with the countless shadows they could pull ideas from, they could really make each character play truely unique from each other.

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I will say the General Raam AI is actually pretty good. They use the Emergence and Shadow Emergence correctly as wakeups, use the stomps/resets, and command grab at the right times.

But let’s be real, I wished that the Shadow Lords AI was separated from the standard one.

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This really should’ve been done in the first place, thinking about it.
Though I’m pretty sure the issue was mainly with challenging difficulty Gargos being higher up than he should’ve been. Godlike Gargos being stupid hard should be a given. But now I can run circles against the AI because it doesn’t seem to do anything, and that sucks.

This topic may have been down to death but it’d be really nice to see it fixed.

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So Shadow Lords AI was completely nerfed (I remember that) and it’s affected the other gamemodes? Wow, no wonder it’s so dull.

It was done for a good read in Shadow Lord’s case. I don’t really want to have all these mimic with ridiculous buffs to have a Shadow Counter that takes 100% of my health on Godlike

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They could have just made the godlike AI the Killer difficulty and make that AI not shadow counter, instead of kyle AI though.

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I’ve been dealing with the same problem in shadow labs. My shadow doesn’t play like it should be, hopefully it can be fixed soon I can’t even delete my shadow to start over.

Serious? Wow. These are the two reasons I play KI and they’re completely broke. I haven’t played for a while since that I patch broke the kyle AI in every mode and I still ain’t playing now until at least one is fixed tbh.

I really want the @developers to fix this or at least say if they are or not going to and if they are, then when. I just watched a cpu vs cpu battle and it was so boring without the shadow counters; now leading to time-out and no cool ultras or anything and the other things the AI used to do.

I found a solution to the Shadows

Apparently they’re linked to the difficulty for some dumb reason, so if you want it to be responsive at all, jut crank it to Ultimate/Kyle

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