i don’t want to participate where i get disrespected delete this to hell with it

please leave a reply , its the least you can do :slight_smile:

Still not working for me. :C all i wanna do is play

did you try the microsoft offered solution? btw i am ready to fix it for you via teamview if you wish message me if you want

Link a picture of your network adapters in device manager please.

I’ve done everything to get this working and nothing works. I’ve even gone as far as to uninstall my antivirus and plug straight into my modem. Tried the ports 3544.


please save your self the trouble and let me teamview you and fix it for you , message me if you wish

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Worked with me on team viewer and fixed my issue!

woohoo! Happy gaming: :smiley: :smiley:

Ok and WHAT did you guys do exactly??

message me with your teamviewer info and i will fix it for you if you couldn’t do it , i will leave soon so please be quick

Or you could just write the steps instead of asking for people to give you remote access to their pc.

Either way. Refunded the game. Microsoft marred a perfectly good game. Sad, really.

the steps is to do what is listed , if you failed to do it i will do it for you , i think you might have missed a step , i dont feel like typing a long tutorial

I’ve done the steps several times over. I’ve been working on fixing this for hours. But think what you like. I’ve done all that and more. Reddit has tons of threads offering suggestions. Nothing works. Never purchasing from this ■■■■ store again. Their customer service can’t even figure out where to send you for support with the Xbox Win10 app. It’s a complete joke.

or, you can let me fix it , i am offering you free help , you are not taking it , your choice pal

Or you could do the community a greater service by typing a few lines of text instead of helping like 2-3 people tops.

You sandbagging your information while asking for remote access to someone’s computer is super sketch.


Worked for me. Thanks a lot.

happy gaming :slight_smile:

can you help me?

yes message me with teamviewer info i will help you