Fix Accessory Clipping

Tusk’s forehead between his eyes clips through his Valhalla Helmet and shoulders. It’s sloppy. How about a tweak? Other characters have random issues like this too.

Yes, please, @developers. The Arbiter’s toes stick through some of his armors when he gets knocked down… It breaks the immersion of the game.

…and I’m still waiting for you to fix the clipping on Maya’s hair with her default outfit, the belt daggers on some of her accessory sets, Jago’s sword on some of his accessory sets in his intro, Spinal’s fingers on his sword during his outro, and so on…


There are literally dozens and dozens of issues like this, I had a huge thread going on the old forums but the list was lost because they said we’d have access to the archive of the old site and we never got it… Nearly every character has several messed up flaws like Tusk’s helmet.

I remembered your thread. I contributed to it as well.

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I just noticed that Arbiter’s carbine clips through the armor of his premium accessory set.