First Street Fighter 5 dlc details

Eventhubs has the actual story on this, I’m just rebroadcasting it to the fans of the game on here.

Capcom has just released new details about Alex and the march content update to Street Fighter 5 today.

Eventhubs article:

The game will be getting updated features like trials on the 28th, tutorials, and then Alex will be available on the 30th.

Confirmed they are trying to kill KI. 28th? Well everyone will be playing SFV. Then the 30th so no one plays S3? ■■■■ move Capcom.

Its the reveal of one character versus a whole new season, I think we’ll be ok on launch.

I wasn’t really worried about it competing with KI, I was just putting the news out there. Just being the messenger in case anyone even cared, because I know Capcom has been dropping notes and things regarding Alex a while now, and today there was something finally a little more substantial.

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I was responding to @Sasuke99I only because I didn’t see any mention of KI competition on your post, no reason to bring it up especially for the reason I stated.

So is it safe to assume the ‘Color’ option within the Store is an alternative way for people to purchase the colors that are obtainable through completing Survival mode? I ■■■■■■■ hate Survival mode. Really hoping that’s the case.

& still no arcade mode, lol.

Speaking of which, when is KI getting an arcade mode? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think earlier details of Capcom’s pass said it was coming in June. It’s still terrible they didn’t include it at launch.