First Run Thread

Basically, what was your first full run like?

My first run went pretty well. My team was ARIA/Cinder/Riptor and I wanted Team Ultratech. I played on Normal too btw. First run and all.

I guess this will be my first impressions too. I think it’s cool how they did managed to change the outcome of some options depending on the characters you chose. For example, when I was fighting two Fulgores with ARIA, I had the option to hack into them and make one of them run away. After that, I was able to reprogram the other one that I beat to join me which was really cool. Another thing I was able to do was absorb a fire with Cinder which healed me and got me some supplies. Lastly, I was able to call for support from Ultratech with my Riptor unit and sneak around to put “Surprised” nerfs on my enemies. There was a moment where I could attempt to perform a prayer at Jago’s temple to renounce the shadow spirits there. I tried it and it says that I probably didn’t do it right so I assume that I could do it properly if I was Jago or something like that.

Now for my fight with Gargos. I managed to get rid of all his buffs and beat him with my Riptor…that’s it. I tried again later with all the buffs with a Shago/Omen/Gargos team to beat him with Gargos and test it out and I still won. Granted, I let him go through all my characters to beat him with Gargos but yeah. There’s an extra cutscene if you do beat him with Gargos btw.

Oh and one more thing. Cinder’s Burnout + Snake is DEADLY!


I went Glacius/Cinder/Maya. Normal difficulty.

I had basically no trouble until I starting running into lvl 4 mimics that take a life bar off in one combo. I managed to take off all of Gargos’ buffs and supreme him with Maya alone. I used the epic vampire bat a lot as well, which is godlike btw. And Cinder absolutely destroys the Omens.

And I agree swordsman, I love how characters in your team can help you get the best results out of the mission choices. Glacius can also absorb the fire for some reason though lol.

I went with Jago, Kim, and Riptor on Normal. Didn’t have much trouble with anything. Never lost a fight. Beat Gargos without much trouble because I was able to take out Omen like no one’s business.

Currently running Omen Rash and RAAM on challenging as my first run not trying to rush letting the world fall apart by myself delaying Gargos’ arrival as much as possible. I tried doing the spirit chant in reverse as Omen (for his demon loop is backward) and I got full shadow meter but at the end took 10% dmg having a blast so far!

Looks like its time for Challenging mode for you!

What’s the difference between choosing a path with red text and with white text?

I believe the red text means that it’s a character specific action. So because you used that character, it allowed for that choice to be made.

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The orange/red option means that your character can take extra advantage of that option. I always find I get really good results choosing that option every chance I get.

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These replies are right. It’s an option opened by a specific character on your team. We will make this more clear in the final version.

Off to Godlike. I didn’t have too much trouble with Challenging.

I’d suggest modifying Gargos’s AI so that he uses his Instinct explosion. Otherwise, you can sweep him to death.


Haha, that’s exactly what we plan on doing for release. You’re one step ahead of us.


So does a first run of Godlike count? I’m gonna pretend it does.

On that note:


There was rarely a point where my characters were above 80% health. Enemy AI was being super wacky, even lvl 3’s were kicking my ***. It took me three attempts to beat it because I kept losing a teammate on THE FIRST DAY.

It didn’t help that Kim was my captain and I was going for all her story missions. I cut it WAY too close on the Aganos one.

Yeah you definitely need to bring your guardians and items to this difficulty, because you WILL die if you don’t have them.

When I got the Gargos fight he had two of his buffs. I managed to beat him on my first try with Glacius after losing Cinder. So yeah, the fact that you guys are fixing his instinct programming is a good thing for making sure beating on a first attempt is actually very hard (though now I have the achievement and you’ll never take it away :smiling_imp:).

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My first run:

Glacius, Shago and Rash. Went all the way.

Wow! What was your load out against Gargos?

Hi guys!

I can’t wait to start the early access!

Thanks @rukizzel

Put it straight to Godlike, lost almost immediately due to cockiness.

GG will play again.

Starting a new run on challenging which may be a bit less of a whitewash. Thanks for immediately proving it would not be a whitewash for someone who considers themselves decent competitively.

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Haven’t done a first full run yet due to lack of sighted assistance at the current time. Once I’ve done one, I’ll post more info/thought.

As for why Glacius can absorb fire, it’s because his technology allows him to absorb/work with matter to change his form/abilities (or something like that from the backstory)

Did my first attempt on Challenging Mode. Maybe I missed the select option but I didn’t get to pick a team, I started with Kim and Jago, then had the option of Fulgore and Cinder.

I tried to do every single fight I could, I got to like day 11 before my entire team finally died lol

Good stuff though so far. I love the little bits of detail you can unlock throughout playing, and all the enhancements are are fun twist. I also now have incentive to play characters I normally wouldn’t since I get story stuff for having different characters as captains (I believe thats what it said)

So far I am loving it :slight_smile: Thanks again for allowing me to participate!

First play through smooth sailing for the most part on challenging then it got a dicey. Bested all the omens, gargos had the health regen buff for his random one. Fulgore, sadira didn’t do too well vs gargos. Couldn’t even shave off one bar of health. But once ARIA stepped in…it was game time. Gargos seemed more aggressive towards ARIA. It was quite the match (annoying at times due to minions). I had just under 50% health left when ARIA beat gargos.

But yes, ARIA saved the world, as expected. Currently on my second playthrough on challenging again.

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