Fire Pro Wrestling World (Early Access date in U.S. July 10th)

The WWE wrestling game curse is about to be broken!!!


That graphic look best.



If it has a great char creation and greatly improved hitbox detection than the last Fire Pro game on PS2?/PS3? I will be all over this. Lol.

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Join the arena for more info then lmao.

Omg so want this

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I heard Steam Support will be added to the Steam version of the game and Spectator mode for online A.I. matches.

Can’t exactly continue a topic without some news.

On the 10th of July, for $19.99, Fire Pro Wrestling World will be released on Steam (U.S.) via Early Access.

man i remember getting this game in japanese on my dreamcast and printing out a massive translation to everything in my library at school so i could do ■■■■ on it lol. ate up so much paper

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