Fire Emblem

I’m guessing I’m not the only Fire Emblem fan here, so I think it’s about time we had a thread to talk about the series!

I discovered Fire Emblem somewhere around 2003 or 2004, when the first GBA Fire Emblem game released. I was heavily into the Advance Wars games at the time, and so a medieval fantasy RPG version was highly appealing. I played 2-3 of them on the GBA system, but never on the Gamecube or Wii (though I now have a Wii U). I currently own a first-gen 3DS, and played so much of Awakening that I broke the cartridge and had to buy a second one.

I decided to finally upgrade my handheld, and I’ve got the Fire Emblem Fates New 3DS XL preordered which I should receive Friday or Saturday. I ordered the version which comes with both versions of Fates. I’ve also preordered the Revelations DLC and the map pack.

I’m ready to dig back in and see how many characters I can reach completely broken levels of killynes with. I really like that there will be several different stories to play through, and probably a bunch of choices which will increase the replay value by a lot. I don’t tend to get too many Streetpass hits in Connecticut, so the fact that Streetpass type functionality will be available over the internet is enticing, as well.

I only learnt about fire emblem when awakening came out. I love that game. Can’t wait for the new one.
I downloaded 1 of them of the wii u on play aswell.
They remind me so much of the shining force games on played growing up

When I first got into the series, I focused on immediate kills versus trying to level up a broad list of my troops, meaning I would occasionally end up with a large mission of 11+ characters, but only have half of them of a standard power level high enough to be effective. Definitely something I’ve learned from at this point. I really like the parents-children system they introduced in Awakening.

Really excited for Friday!