After months and months of retries, I finally did it!
… I got 35% achievement total on Goat Simulator!
Also, that 100% on a familiar looking game aint so bad either :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But if you really wanna know, it was that pesky beating Gargos on Godlike in Shadow Lords that eluded me… until tonight!



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Cool, all I gotta do is get all the friendly achievements and I’ll have them all too. I’m gonna wait until Eagle comes out though before enlisting help to do that. There’s gonna be a few extra achievements added soon with him most likely.

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I used to have it 100% as well but then shin hisako came out and now I just need two more… that is until eagle is released :confused:.

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Perfect! Supreme Victory! Ultra Victory! Ultra Combo! Ultimate Combo! :grin: :sunglasses:


Thanks guys! I literally punched the air with pride!

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Congrats! I will never, ever, match that feat :thumbsup:


I thought the same… but persevere brother x

Lol. Nothing to persevere through - I’ve no interest in maxing out KI achievements :-p

Man, I know I always say this but “I wish” I don’t have the skill to get to killer. So no 100% over here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy beeeeeep
That’s some major dedication there.
Congrats to you!

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I think the only 100% achievement I have is Game of Thrones Telltale game.

My KI is close but not that close.

I was working on Bloodborne 100% achievement…now that Fn hard!

Yey! Back to 100%!

Got all the Eagle achievements now.



Next weekend I hope to be able to enlist some help from the forums to get the rest of the achievements I don’t have yet. I just got the friendly achievements and that’s it. I just have them for about 24 different characters.

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respect buddy. I’m not far off but I can’t see myself getting 20 ranked wins with a few of the characters I have left. The grind is too much for me :frowning:

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@Paramisery don’t you do this sort of thing too?

Yes, I’m pretty close, I just need a few shinsako and eagle achievements and I’m almost done with the dossiers too, but I haven’t been playing like I used to.

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Cool. I’m really close to it, but there is the issue of Rash’s achievements. I really hate the character. Some of the quicker ones are fine, but having to spend all the time with the character for 200+ matches and 150 fight titles? Ughh…

I managed to get all the achievements two or three days after Eagle’s release. Since the end of S2, I have managed to get all the achievements every patch, so every time a char was released,his achievements were the only left ones to me.

I’m hoping for the chance to get more achievements for the game (more characters!)

They’re easier than they sound. For 200 fights, just go to player vs cpu and pick the character you want to get the 200 matches for, and then pick a strong character with good offense (I used Spinal) and set them to kyle difficulty. Start the match and let the cpu just beat you up. Rinse and repeat 200 times. Takes around two hours at most usually. Of course any match counts, whether it be survival, online ranked or exhibition, shadow lords, any mode really. So if you farm the 50 fights for survival, you’ll only need to do this about 150 times extra.

For 150 fight titles, I’d recommend getting the Survival mode titles (50 survival matches), and the combo and counter breaker titles are real easy. You can set up a local vs match, pick your character you want to farm the titles for, then set player two as anything you can manually control. Then either allow player 2 to do something to player 1 to combo break, or start offense with player 1 and counter break to catch player 2. Both of those can be done in about 15 minutes a piece.

50 supreme victories can be done in a similar way, though if you play survival matches on the easiest setting, you should be taking care of two birds with one stone, and earning supreme victories and survival wins.

There are some other strats to farm other titles too, but earning 150 fight titles is quicker than you think.

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