Finally started playing online and some suggestions

After having the game for so long i finally got decent broadband and enjoying the online but have some suggestions.

While waiting for a match the option to be in training mode (or single player)

All play lobbies so that everyone can be playing each other

Ping times/connection quality in plain view upfront (so you can leave the match before it starts without being penalized

Few other suggestions

Shadow mode is awesome but really need more slots for characters and i dunno why my shadows very rarely get matches ( my last one was 89 days ago) and i was thinking perhaps a tournament mode for shadows where you fight against lower ranked upto higher ranked shadows.

Ultra effects i do like the ultra combos but always felt hit effect wise they could look a bit more over the top

Wanted to ask aswell is the jail system still in the game ?

Well for your jail system question, it’s removed. When you rage quit, you just lose the match. Probably for the best it’s gone.

Ahh ok i heard it had issues i really liked the idea of keeping the rage quitters away from the people who will play matches all the way through

That was the idea, but the problem was the game could not recognize who was the one who disconnected. So there were chances you could have been put in jail even though you didn’t disconnect

[quote=“eastyy, post:1, topic:2919”]
All play lobbies so that everyone can be playing each other
[/quote]I don’t like this idea at all, since with my current network connection, I get dropped from every lobby I join. If the whole game is made into 1 giant lobby, I’d never be able to play the game…

As for the jail system, I have a question regarding it - do you guys think that it’s the reason why a lot of people may have been turned off of KI early on (and still haven’t come back)?

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No sorry i meant can create a lobby say a 8 player one but have it rather then only two people playing they all can, would have it so there is perhaps a 20 second gap when entering the lobby and between matches so it gives time so you can leave and so other matches can end to mix up who you play against

So, you’r talking about running multiple matches at the same time then? For example, there are 4 people in the lobby, so instead of having 2 people fight and 2 people watch that fight, you’d simply have 4 people fighting in 2 fights at the same time; when the fights end, they simply wait to be matched up with the next person that becomes available.

It’s an interesting concept and would certainly speed up match times like you said, but I think it would be a bit complicated with the matching up process (who would you fight coming out of a match when 4 people are waiting for example). Also, since 2 people leave a fight at the same time, it’s a toss up who gets into the next fight. I also would hate to be the odd-man out for 3, 5, or 7 player lobbies.

Furthermore, if my connection already can’t handle 1 fight plus patiently waiting lobby members, what makes you think it’ll be able to take in multiple fights at once? I think that would actually be harder on the network than the current iteration of lobby mode…

This is an interesting concept. It reminds me of the room system in MK where you join a room, and then challenge / queue up matches as they come. For KI, 8 man lobbies may be to small for something like this, but at the same time there are probably ways to make it work.

Think about if the lobby simulated an arcade setting or something. Where if you are in said lobby and a match is going, if you want to fight a particular person, or winner of a match, you could challenge them, and after that match they can either accept or decline (or maybe there is just a timer like it is now, and to decline you have to leave the match in the given time frame).

On the lobby screen there could even be a coin or icon of some sort to signify whose up next, or just a list to show how many people are waiting / watching. In this scenario being “the odd man out” would similarly work like how it is right now, where you would have to wait, and then be queue up next.

Random pop-in here, but what is the jail system?

I would absolutely love to be able to use training mode while in the que. I saw that SFV does this and it looks great. I also know that Smash Wii U does this.

Adding this also makes it so it doesn’t feel like the que is taking as long thereby allowing tighter matchmaking algorithms.

Back in Season 1 they tried to stop the whole rage quitter thing by implementing a “jail” system. Basically if your disconnect percentage went over 15% you were put in jail, which was like a separate pool. So you could only face other people in jail. Your icon changed and stuff so youd know and stuff. You were in jail for 24 hours before being put back in the regular pool, but every time you were put in jail the time would increase by another 24 hours. I think it capped at 5 days. The problem that occurred I think was that it couldn’t tell who rage quit or disconnected, so it would count towards both players and lots of people were put in jail without deserving it or something to that effect. It was scrapped by the time Season 2 was going on.

Wow. Interesting and it sound like a great idea on paper but it is true. Connection problems arise and while some cases it is your own risk to play with a rough connection, other cases you cannot control the network. I suppose it is difficult for any fighting game to implement a system that punishes you for leaving the game. Shooters have them but the penalty is minimal. I believe MKX has one too still in effect? It would make sense as to why it was removed at the start of Season 2. I wonder if adding a disconnection rate like SF3 would help separate players without the cost of a penalty.

Thing is they did say a while back they had a system in place to work out who actually disconnected, so if you are playing someone and they rage quit you still get the win. I dunno if they had the jail system in place when they implemented that though or if they decided because rage quitters do not get away with it now not to bother.