Finally hit gold tier

Just as title says any information you guys could give me on how good most of the higher gold and killer players you could give me is much appreciated

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Keep it up and you’ll be in killer in no time. Then the fun really begins!

Does hitting killer actually make matchmaking any quicker because it’s like sometimes I get matched almost instantly and others I’m waiting 4 or 5 minutes or is it all based off of how many people are online

Yes because there are a lot of Killers and most of the ppl playing ranked are killers due to more experienced players play in ranked…where lower level players like to stay in exhibition.

But honestly Gold tier is the hardest to get out of. It takes along time and the matches are tough. You either are scrapping against another gold player trying to get out just like you so the matches are really serious…or against a killer. So get ready…gold is no joke lol

Yeah noticed that last night. Having a blast though all of the matches come down to a bad lockout or a dropped combo.

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