Finally Fixed The Purchase For Supreme Pack

Hi everyone,

I’ve been posting here regarding my purchase at Microsoft.

I’ve solved the matter and i’d like to share with the people who still have *issues buying the supreme pack. Hope it will be usefull to anyone.

1: Make a paypal acount
2: Make sure your region is legit and dont use another one.
3: Then add your bank acount to paypal and make sure its fully verified.
4: Transfer money from iDeal to your paypal acount. It will be transferd directly (depens on the bank your using)
5: Wait for 15 minutes after verifing your bank.
6: Go into Killer Instinct and buy the supreme pack, Paypal will verify it and go directly to microsoft payment meaning the payment is confirmed.

Good Luck to everyone that isint capable of buying the DLC’S.

Let me know if this is usefull to anyone.

Glad to share it.

See you in the game :stuck_out_tongue

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Basically you bought the game using paypal. Thats great for you and another usa users, but is a shame for me because im from Argentina and windows store doesnt allow Argentina users to use anything that isnt a credit card like visa or mastercard.

I was about to say the same thing :joy: you don’t even need to transfer money Into PayPal if it’s linked to your bank account, I don’t know why many people have issues my xbox credit works and updates in Windows apps, was even shared wen I had a windows phone but it was called a Microsoft wallet, I think some people might just be doing it wrong, he’ll you can even go out and buy windows store credit from many pc shops “pc word in the uk”