Fightstick support for backwards compatible games?

Looking at kof98 for 4.99

Will my atrox work?

Some do and some don’t. I think KOF does but I can check when I get home.

Happy to report my TE2 works fine. Should work exactly the same for Atrox. So fire away on the $4.99

What about garou motw?

I didn’t know that was in backward compatability

FYI Garou MOTW works great with a fightstick on Xbox one.

Now if they added 3rd strike

I keep hoping. Also. I’m having a hard time understanding why no Darkstalkers…

Every BC game should be fine with X1 stick…
Doesn’t seem like Capcom is allowing any of their their actual fighting games to be put on BC, they’ve done Final Fight Double Impact and D&D Chronicles of Mystaria, but no sign of anything else. Probably has something to do with their newfound fighting game allegiance to Sony consoles.
Still strange though, they could be making money off their fighting games without having to do any work, which is their favorite way of doing things anyways…

All BC games don’t work with X1 fightsticks. Skullgirlz is the worst example.

No thats not it.

Nba jam dont work no rightstick