Fightstick Repair Help

So I just started playing KI a week ago and am using my old TE Round 1 SFIV fightstick. Somehow it became a bit warped in the front compartment where you store the usb cord so that it bends in and I can’t fully close the compartment. Any idea of something I could use for a spacer to gradually bend it back out or is it a lost cause now? Thanks

Pics please

you can see the bottom is slightly bent. It’s enough so that the cover can’t close all the way. Wondering if there’s a way to push it back out without breaking it.

are you able to open the entire thing without voiding any warrenty stickers?

Can you bend it to close or live with taking the door off and rapping or velcroing it down? Inside thr compartment

Go to the shoryuken forums go to tech talk they can find the fix thats fightstick heaven