Fightstick Question

I have a question about restrictor plate on fightsticks, wich one is better for killer instinct? Square gate or 8 gate ?? I’m currently using a Sanwa Jlf with square gate since I used to play Mk 9 and MK X, but I’m having some troubles on ki due to some motions with some characters for example Sadira plus diagonal double jump and then quarter circle and Punch, do I need to change my restrictor plate to an 8 gate restrictor or I need to get used to the game??? I started to play this S3 (March 29) btw

I use a square gate too, and i play nrs games as well, and to be honest you just need to get used to it, it makes blocking very easy IMO and the QC motions just take a little practice. You can go ahead and switch to an 8 gate if you want but to be honest I really don’t think it is necessary

Its definitely a preference thing I started out on a square gate and absolutely hated it, ever since switching to an octogate Hayabusa I find the game much easier to play

The popular consensus is that the square gate is better, but that doesn’t mean much. I can tell you that I grew up playing in open or octagonal gate arcade machines, so when I started getting console sticks with the square get it seemed really odd to me. But I have gotten used to it.

Square definitely makes it easy to find the corners for blocking. But these restrictors aren’t all that expensive so you might want to try to swap it out and see.

I have an octogate and a square gate with a sanwa jlf using a kowal 1 mm oversized actuator. The square to me is the best. It has less throw then the octogate and is used in all arcade machines in japan. You will get good enough that you don’t ride the gate.