Fightstick not working with new xbox dashboard

Warning to anyone here that might be in the preview program, I downloaded the update and now the only button my xbox reads from my fightstick is the home button. Madcatz really screwed these up by not simply having the console recognize these things as controllers like last gen. No KI for me till this is fixed. (just tried playing on pad and it wasn’t pretty…)

That sucks, I had decided not to opt in because it said it has problems with the new Destiny expansion and that was the day before I downloaded it. Wasn’t about to risk not being able to play it. Totally unrelated note, I played a game of Destiny with GutterMagic the other day. Or an impostor at least.

The new dash is very, very broken. If you opted in and haven’t gotten it yet, I suggest you back out.

The stick doesn’t work on the dash but it still works for KI. When you press the menu button with a controller you sign in with your profile but then after use your stick.

Microsoft should just make the Xbox One sticks being recognized as normal controllers.
I know they’re different PCBs, but it can still be fixed with software.
That would take away a lot of our problems.

Then it would work with the new dashboard.
Then we could use it in Rare Replay for Battletoads, KI Gold… and other titles that feels arcady… I know there’s a different topic for this, but it would fix the problem of this topic too…

o no this is not good hope it get fix i found this video from @CrazyLCD hope this is fix if not @TempusChaoti @rukizzel let microsoft know before is release