Fightstick makers/modders, a request for help

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I wanted to see if I could get in touch with any fightstic makers/modders via PM about a KI-related, fightstick/hitbox oriented project I want to undertake, as in trying to attempt what was thought to be a relatively easy project, some issues have been encountered that would be good to have some expertise to solve.

Just thought I’d also tag @xstanthemanx here as well as he was my first thought regarding my issues as he’s almost done similar projects before from what I can understand. If further clarification as to my issues are necessary via the forums then I’ll be happy to post.

Shoryuken forums go to tech talk :wink:

I highly recommend this guy. Does solid work and is well known and respected on SRK and in the FGC.

Your best bet is @XStanTheManX

He makes the best fight sticks and if you could see mine you would understand…he can help you with whatever you need to know.

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I managed to find his email address and have contacted him and am now awaiting a response, so hopefully that works out.

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Thanks to all those who have provided additional resources for this, it will be of use down the line if further assistance is required.

I might as well brief you on what I’m looking for though I won’t go into the main details, just the basics. For a little while, with sighted assistance, I’ve been trying to get my own custom controler project off the ground. However, Xbox One controler boards are complicated to solder as we discovered.

Basically we will probably need a pro to do the soldering for us

Not as hard as you think

We can do the rest of the wiring+chockblocks+getting parts+getting the case etc done, it’s getting the initial contact soldering to the board that’s proved to be extremely difficult, though not impossible.

Ask the shoryuken forums go to tech talk you’ll have it done by tommrow

I’m here for help if you need it, modding X StanTheMan X XBox Live GT

My email

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I remember sending you an email back when I made that post but heard nothing from you using that email address (unless there was a typing error or some description). Thanks for stating you’re still willing to help though. Much appreciated.

Sent you mail.

Here is my email Contact if you have fightstick questions.

Here is my email Contact me if you have fightstick questions.

My email X StanTheMan X