Fighting new players

Since S1 is free for now for Gold Members, I have been getting matched up with a lotta new people…I use a mic most of the time and catch my self if the other people have mics, kinda coaching and showing them the basics. I don’t really do that in other games, IDK if its because I don’t want KI to fall into oblivion like it did in the past or what…I think that KI has the one to one mechanics down that people dont really get in other games that if I destroy them, they will just brush this game off as a less visually impressive version of MK or just another fighting game, and like most other fighting games will get boring quick so they quit playing before they even know what a combo breaker is or how to do it.

Anyone else do this? Its not normal for me in most cases, I just really like KI DESPITE it not having the adult content I wish it did. when it comes down to it GAMEPLAY is key, and no other fighting game has that 1 to 1 connection that KI has. It almost gives you side by side or couch fighting feeling online in the sense that you don’t get with other fighters.

I do it ALL OF THE TIME for the exact same reason that you mentioned. I want people to realize just how great this game really is! :wink:

Yeah, I think its that, and also, beating up on noobs is boring. I would rather loose in a great fight than win without any challenge. With CAM availible now though you gotta watch it because its easier to let ur guard down with new ppl…

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