Fightin' Words, a long-form blog about FG topics [Current: Bugs across FG history]

Hi everyone.

It’s been a while since I’ve produced some FG content, but I’ve been working in the background on something I’ve been interested in doing for a while, and that’s a long-form blog about various important fighting game topics. It’s annoying when you try to have a conversation over something like Twitter, where short-form and click-baity conversations are most important. I thought I would try my hand at thoroughly researched, perhaps sometimes controversial topics that matter to fighting game players, and I enlisted a local friend named blackadde to help me do this.

The blog can be found here:

The first topic is called Stop Bugging Me, which talks at long length about dozens of various important bugs across the history of fighting games. It’s a long read with lots of video and links, but if you’ve got some time and want to check it out, the link is here: I think it’ll be particularly interesting for people who were new to the fighting game genre with Killer Instinct and don’t have a ton of knowledge about old school (or even other modern) games.

The blog will be updated sporadically (maybe once every 2 months or so?), since these things take a long, long time to put together, but we’re interested in doing at least a few of these, and we’ll go from there. If you have an interesting topic you want to suggest to us, feel free to let me know!

And of course, I’d love to hear any feedback you have on the blog. Thanks for reading!


Holy crap. I gotta park my car for this.


These are just too cute. XD

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@Infilament was that Roll-on cancelling bug in the CvS2EO version on the Xbox??? Is that why some of my matches when I played online didn’t make sense? Or was I just 14 year old scrub?

Actually, I’m pretty sure roll canceling was removed from any console version with “EO” in it (I know the Gamecube version had it taken out). Which basically made those versions useless for practicing if you wanted to play in the arcade, heh.

So I was a scrub. :cry:


In Killer Instinct, using flipout after the character briefly switched sides on a ground bounce combo can cause their model to get flipped backwards until they’re knocked down.

I never knew this. I think this makes the asthetics of the game pretty fresh in a subtle way. I kinda wish it would happen more.


EDIT 2: This one shows Sadira booty

EDIT 3: Aganos looks funky AF

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Wholio was explaining that one to me at Combo Breaker. When he did it in top 8, he did it on purpose to have some fun. But apparently it can really break some characters (like Aganos), so it’s something that should probably be patched, heh.

Meanwhile, Kilgore is crying in a corner.

I believe @MandrillManiac and I came across this bug during a Riptor/Eyedol matchup where Eyedol decided to show us his backside. Was quite entertaining to say the least.

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Aganos breaks the most, but there’s other characters affected in funny ways. Sadira’s damage ender stops working, as she decides in the middle of it to fly up to the top corner of the screen. Cinder’s bombs go backwards, iirc?

I think one of us made a report in the bug thread, but I can’t properly remember.

AFAIK this is caused by being crossed up with specific timing when you do a forward teleport (the cross up one). It can be easily fixed by doing a back teleport.

Great read Infil, thanks for taking the time to put this together, you and blackadde did a fine job.

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On the topic of bugs, remember gen’s ultra 2 bug in SF4? If you did the move during prejump frames, for some reason it was +5 on block. Kind of silly to be able to fish for ultra so safely, but it didn’t really break gen or anything.

Nice write. Thanks