Fight Titles/Icons for Defeating Gargos?

This is a last minute suggestion, and while I’m sure the icons would be hard to do, perhaps the fight titles would be less so?

Basically, my suggestion is this: as a nice little reward for defeating Shadow Lords, I think it’d be neat if you got a fight title or an icon to go along with it. Whether these are general or character-specific, I’m not sure. But I think it’d be nice to have some sort of extra bragging rights that couldn’t be bought with KI Gold, unlike the Mimic skins (which, yes, can be earned, but still!)

Here are some suggestions:

Gargos has fallen! – Earned by beating Gargos on any difficulty.
I hold the power of a God – Earned by beating Gargos on Godlike.

Character specific:

My soul is redeemed / My path does not end here – Jago
A beast unleashed – Sabrewulf
Hell has frozen over – Glacius
Eagle watches over me – Thunder
Welcome to my ballet of death! – Sadira
One step closer… – Orchid
RA-HAHAHAHAHA!! / A pirate’s life for me! – Spinal
Activating sensors: FRAUD DETECTED – Fulgore
I am a shadow: the true self… – Shadow Jago

You should hang up your gloves / Just throw in the towel – TJ Combo
Certified God Hunter – Maya
Won’t get fooled again / I banish you once more! – Kan-Ra
Queen of the Food Chain – Riptor
My “master” bows to me! – Omen
I will always serve my king – Aganos
You’ll see dead people – Hisako
Mondays, am I right? – Cinder
The Shepard of Humanity --ARIA

Racking up the Korpse Kount! – Rash
If you’ve come to hear me beg… – Arbiter
Shadow Lord? I’m Shadow BORED! --Kim Wu
I’ve outlived gods – Tusk
Demon blood tastes delicious – Mira
Rage on, Shadow Lord! – Gargos
For the Horde! – General RAAM
I have ripped Gargos limb from limb! – Eyedol


Kan-Ra:How will I ■■■■ up next?


I like this idea, but you nigh be right. Day late and a dollar short I’m afraid.

Who’s to say they couldn’t add it in the far, far, far away future? Might as well suggest it instead of keeping quiet.

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Very true. Then in that case. Here’s hoping.

They might. S1 and S2 both had pics that you could use to show you finished the seasons.