Fight sticks ? can someone send me a link to get a good one?

ive been playing with controllers ,are they worth it,it seems to me the stick would slow down movement,but buttn layout would be the pro idea.

Just get a cheap one to see if you like it. They have some around 80$ to 180$. If you enjoy it…then get a custom built stick for a bit more or just customize it yourself if you have TE2.

I dont think i could ever play KI on a controller again.

It really depends on the person. A TON of people grew up on arcades where a fightstick feels natural for them. For me, I just thought it looked cool and wanted to try it out.

Personally, I will always play on a controller. But, it is definitely fun during single-player. There is no advantage/disadvantage to either type of device you play on. You could argue it I guess, but ultimately it comes down to what feels best for you.

I’d say, if you aren’t familiar with classic arcades or fightsticks then don’t switch over because you think it will improve your playstyle, because it won’t. If you want one for fun and casual play then go for it!

I have a Razor Atrox, which is bulky and a tad expensive, but I enjoy it.

If you aren’t sure still, I would suggest to go for something cheaper and smaller.

what country are you in? you’ll want different retailers for different parts of the world
i’m using a qanba q1. it’s smaller than most but still feels great and it came with a couple good parts for switching out. i’d recommend it if you’re just starting out

oh, if you’re on the xbone it might not work. see if you can get a killer instinct brand stick

movement is faster on a stick too because you use your whole hand to control it rather than just your thumb. it’s more precise too once you get the hang of it

I think movement is significantly faster/easier on pad since you’re just moving your thumb, but the difference isn’t huge. On the other hand, having easy access to all 8 buttons on stick is really nice. Bottom line though is that if you aren’t used to them, switching to a fightstick will not improve your execution in the short term. It may help you down the line after you get accustomed to it, but that will only be after a not-insignificant period of acclimation and practice.

If you do want a stick and play on PC, I recommend getting an older 360 stick or something, as the X1 fightstick still doesn’t work on Windows 10. I can’t in good conscience counsel anyone to buy the X1 TE2 - you can probably get an old 360 stick and a brooks converter for cheaper, and that’ll actually work on your PC to boot.

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