Fight Stick for XboxOne

So been playing KI for awhile now on a Elite Controller and i’m definitely feeling like one of my bumpers is dying lately. I still have the standard one laying around somewhere but i figured i’d invest in a fight stick. Would really like to get my hands on one to just feel it out, but no local places carry them. (How does a city like Cleveland not have even one…) Here’s my question, is the Mad Catz TE2 about one of the only ones that works right now with a XboxOne console? Do recall reading people having compatability issues with the console version. Also, far as i’ve heard, you might need to grease the joystick every now and then as far as maintenance. Is that about it?

There are also sticks made by hori and razer, but i believe that’s it? The majority are for ps4 and you could get those and buy an adapter.

There’s the Hori RAP V and Razer atrox which, if I can get through practicing with my hori mini 4, will purchase. Otherwise, if you have a PC that can play ki, you could buy the mini 4 or madcatz alpha feel out if you want to get into playing with a stick and make a decision then. Download Joytokey and map your buttons to the corresponding keyboard keys.

Remember, you’ll probably suck at the game for a good bit until you can get a feel for playing with a stick. I’m currently in that phase.

I can tell you that there is no real competitive reason to switch, mind you. But, there also is no reason not to try playing with a stick to see how it feels.

Initially, I got into traditional fighters through SFV, prior to that it was smash 4 and halo. KI was eh, rough compared to SFV in my limited opinion.

So, my scrub self picked up SFV and started mashing out combos, I had particular problems with getting reliable DPs. (Let the down diagonal down spam commence!)

Picked up and arcade stick to realize “the ****? Why is the stick in a square guage” (diagonals are mapped to the corner of the square. Which I thought was the dumbest thing ever until recently, stick with it and soon you’ll swear by the square gauge)

QCB and QCF will feel weird, and diagonal jumping will be your bane, having your thumb really only be in charge of three buttons will throw you off, and learning where your hand is on the buttons will be a challenge.

But! If you can get past that. Then, you’ll have the reliability of a stick and buttons you can replace if you mash on them too hard, you’ll have a universal controller layout allowing you to switch between platforms without having to adjust for stick placement.

P.S. instinct cancel has an alternative input in addition to HP+HK. HP+LK gives instinct pop. If you do get a stick, you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Meh, i already suck at the game, but i like fighters. [quote=“JonnyN0B0DY, post:3, topic:16189”]
Picked up and arcade stick to realize “the ****? Why is the stick in a square guage” (diagonals are mapped to the corner of the square. Which I thought was the dumbest thing ever until recently, stick with it and soon you’ll swear by the square gauge)

This is one thing i did question myself on. I want to swear that when i played arcades when i was a kid, they either used square gates or circle gates. I’d be fine with trying both, as well as the octagonal ones, just so i can vary it and find what would work better for me. I kinda feel like square or octagonal might be me…

I thought there was one more alt input?

Anyway, i do know one thing i would adjust to is not having the right analog stick for breakers and getting used to pairing my light, medium and heavy buttons. Trade off with that, obviously, is it might be easier on doing certain OSes or just might feel more comfortable alltogether using the whole hand vs just a thumb. Somebody told me that if you’re natural at typing and using a keyboard, a fight stick isn’t a bad move. I think she was pulling my leg but meh.

Well, what’s nice ab you sticks is that if you get a RAPV or TE2 you can customize it. They all come with a square gauge standard, you’ll have to buy a guage restricter and that will result from in octagonal or full circle, try out square, it’s odd but has its benefits (crouch blocking is a dream, as is the DP input).

Good luck :slight_smile:

Sticks are great and the TE2 is a great stick. But as much as it pains me to say it, if you play fighting games on any other platform the Xbox one stick is by far the least useful stick to get. It is compatible with no other platform and only works on certain Xbox One games. You might want to seriously consider getting a cheaper 360 or PS3 stick and then buying an adapter.

@BigBadAndy, somehow, i had thought about an adapter…and didn’t at the same time. So long as it worked on the One, i’d be happy since it’s the only console i own.

And i’m pretty much at the point of figuring out how much i wanna splurge. This’ll be interesting lol.

Well, don’t let me dissuade you. If you are only playi in Xbox one the stick is great. They have finally fixed most of the backward compatible fighters to work with it and it’s a great piece of hardware.

I love playing on stick and have lots of different sticks for use on different systems. So the fact that my KI TE2 is so limited is a source of aggravation for me. But if that doesn’t affect you it is definitely good hardware.

The atrox is the best fightstick i have owned

Brooks converters see like 30 bucks

You could get a ps4 stick and use an adapter

Or what ever stick and use a brooks converter

But if you want to get a fightstick thats xbox one

Hands down atrox