Fight request/Background matchmaking feature

Rocket League, Street Fighter V and a whole lot of other games enables its players to keep on playing around with any offline content while the game is finding opponents for you. This needs to be a thing in KI as well.

When I tried to really get into this game sometime before Christmas I was loving it, but the five minutes (on a good day!) of staring at a screen telling me that the game is looking for a match was such a waste of the little time I had for gaming each day that I simply dropped it in favor of Street Fighter and Rocket League that at least kept me playing while waiting for matches.

If a feature like this is implemented along with crossplay working for the Steam version of KI I’ll be very quick to make a purchase and try to get back into the game.

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Sounds like a neat Idea, but I have no clue how easy it would be to implement. However…[quote=“ML916, post:1, topic:21377”]
This needs to be a thing in KI as well.

There are other successful fighters that lack this feature (such as Injustice 2). I wouldn’t say the game would live or die by it, but I will admit it would be cool. The game used to send you notifications if you had exited the app and a match became ready. For whatever reason, that does not work anymore though…

Something else I would like is a way to back out of a match without a penalty. Once an opponent is found for you, even if he’s way the hell above your rank, you either fight him and have a most imberassing curb stomping, or you quit to the Xbox home page and come back to find you were penalized for quiting.