Fight Archive Music Playback Issue

Just wanted to point out a glaring issue in fight archive currently andhow to replicate it (I can upload a video if needed):
Issue: If you play a match with a character theme that doesn’t have a stage attached to it, when playing the exact same fight back in Fight Archive, the theme associated withthe theme plays instead.

How to replicate:

  • Go to player VS CPU and select your character+opponent. Now press Y, go up 6 to Mira's theme (at the time of writing), then press a twice to select that+a random stage.
  • You should hear Mira's theme as the fight plays out.
  • Go back to the main menu, go to fight archive and select the most recent match (which should be the fight you've just had).
  • Upon loading the fight, you should notice that the theme you've just used in the match itself is replaced by the theme of whatever stage the battle happened on in the first place.

Am happy to post in the bug thread with this as well if needs be.

This is sadly how it works. If you go to replays,it plays the theme of the stage,not the one you choose. Why? Because 2 players can have 2 different themes.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the game shouldn’t remember what theme you had on for that match or rhater that it can’t.

This I agree. I wanted to listen to Rash’s theme. I couldn’t though. Off-topic:Want to fight later today?

On topic: I had the same issue until I wrote the entire list of themes down.

Off topic: we could, maybe. Do you have a mic yet?

Actually yes I do. I got it to work.