Female characters in S3?

Now they’ve revealed the Arbiter too, we can say the 2 guests are male. Plus we know the game will have Tusk and Gargos as playable characters. Kim Wu is the only female right now. Do you think they’ll introduce more females this time around?

Yes…Maya’s sister, Mira.

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They Said It’ll Be The Sibling Of A S2 Character…Mira Is My Only Guess.



Omen’s Baby Shadow Brother, NEMO


It’ll be Aria’s Apple sister, iRia.


I’d like to see Mira and maybe another female creature

Bet his stage would be set in Austrailia.

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That vampire or gorgon can be female too assuming there will be more character tropes for season 3

something like bloodrayne or medusa.

The female Gorgon was what I was really hoping for just to see what she could do in the engine. As for Mira, does she use daggers too? How about Aganos’s sister? Lololol!!!

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Hopefully Mira. I also like the idea of a Gorgon inspired character, or maybe a Harpy inspired female.

If they’ll put Mira I hope that she’ll just share face’s attributes with Maya, the rest (hair, costumes and playstyle) will be totally different.

PLEASE no more golems

Maybe Mira is a Female Vampire that was “brainwashed” to follow Gargos somehow?

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