Feedback and suggestions/request about Rash

First of all:
I have to say congratulations on a fantastic Gamescom. News about KI was the main reason I watched it live. Not only did you give us the announcement we’ve been begging for (which was more than I thought we’d get, so a huge surprise), but you also spring a brand new, unexpected character on us, playable that very day. To say it was above and beyond our expectations would be an understatement. Then the next day, we get a Kim Wu teaser?! I don’t even care that S3 is next year. The confirmation brings closure to my life and I can sleep peacefully once again.
I love the look of the dragon nunchuks, they look like a suitably brutal weapon for Ms. Wu. I know you guys will blow us away with her play style, as usual.

My intention with in this thread is to point out what you’re probably already aware of, or at least a subject that you anticipated somebody would broach; and that is the way Rash doesn’t fit KI.

Before somebody points this out, I understand he’s a guest character and that the goofiness was deliberate. My point is, the guest characters of other fighting games seem to match the atmosphere of the game. Dark characters like Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kruger and Predator are suitably dark for MK and, though out of place, they’re still somewhat at home. A dark but goofy character like Deadpool, for example, would have been great for KI.

KI has always been a good blend of over the top action and a bit of silliness that doesn’t take itself too seriously. But a derpy cartoon character with exaggerated, gigantic cartoony attacks is a huge turn off to me, and I assume I’m not alone. “So don’t play him!” I don’t intend to, nor do I begrudge those who love KI Rash, but that’s not the problem. I’ll get to that in a moment.

Don’t worry, I’m fully aware that Rash isn’t going anywhere. He’s in the game for good. I’m actually fine with that because I know there are tons of people who are really excited to play with him and I think it’s really cool that you guys were willing to deliver such a fan service out of sheer generosity and appreciation for the community.

The problem is: some of us would like to enjoy the beautifully rendered Killer Instinct characters who all fit fantastically into the Killer Instinct world you’ve made - without that experience being sullied by forcing my wickedcool character to fight a derpy cartoon character which makes no sense in the context of the game.

My solution to this: Get rid of Rash? No. Keep Rash out of tournaments? No. All I ask is that you give players the option to Lock Out guest characters in Exhibition and Ranked modes, that is, we click a checkbox by Rash’s pic to grey it out and if we’re paired with somebody who chooses Rash, they get a warning that we’ve locked him out and if they insist on picking him anyway, the game will put us both back into search mode.
Or perhaps if they choose Rash, we get the option to go back to search mode and avoid the eyesore of a fight.
I don’t want this to be applicable to legitimate KI characters… Only the illegitimate (guest) characters. And only in those two game modes.

I’m just asking for the option to play the unsullied, purist Killer Instinct, free from dopey cartoon characters that don’t belong and, for some of us, mar the experience of playing KI.

I ask that this thread not become a ragefest for or against my suggestion. Please keep it civil. Yes, I’m aware that this idea will probably be laughed at by the developers. It is, nevertheless, how I feel.

I can’t thank you guys enough for the hard work you’ve put in to making this game the amazing experience that it is; as well as your generosity to us fans. We’re a hard lot to please but you guys have done phenomenal work.
Thanks for reading.
Come what may, KI for life.


Though I do agree with most of what you said, I feel subjecting Ranked to this may lead to some unscrupulous behavior. Exhibition would be a nice place for this feature for any character though, since it would be good to get some practice against specific characters without digging through Shadows, hoping to get a decent fight.

I noticed Rash’s neutral tounge attack goes full screen and this may be a huge issue with for characters like Glacius. I think maybe if they reduce how far it goes by half it might be ok.

Also I should mention that while Freddy and Jason are dark and gruesome characters, I can’t imagine a character native to the franchise based off them. I think Rash is fine so far. You can’t get rid of all that ridiculousness out of rash without making him watered down.

Not trying to sound insulting but do you want to refuse fighting against cheerleader Riptor, toy Fulgore or mummified British gentleman Kan-Ra as well? Because I cannot see those somehow being less silly than Rash.


I’ve said this in other threads and I’ll continue to say it until people stop complaining that “Rash doesn’t fit in KI” QQ

If BattleToads had never existed, and IG told you that Rash was the result of radioactive runoff from the UltraTech labs where they were making Fulgore, would you still have a problem with him? No, because then he’s a TMNT parody, which is very KI.

Like I said in other threads: That changes everything. That would make Rash an original KI character and he would be one forever. Guests are here for one game and then its over. KI2 will feature new guests. Rash is your favorita character?? Yeah… Too bad he wont be in the next game.

No. This is not a request to make guests permanent.

We wouldn’t dream of coming between you and your Daffy Duck vs. Xenomorph game. But for those of us who aren’t interested in Bugs Bunny vs. Freddy Krugar, my idea gives us a way to avoid that which, in our opinion, is an unappealing concept.
Some of us are actually impressed that you people find Rainbow Bright vs. Shinnok such a cool idea, and we’re not here to get in the way of that… But we choose to be honest with ourselves. Once we see Rash vs. Hisako or Twilight Sparkle Pony vs. Kan Ra, the immersion is destroyed and the game experience feels cheapened.

What I propose is a way for both sides to get what they want.

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Please explain in detail how are Twilight Sparkle Pony and Rainbow Bright similar to Rash?

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Detail won’t be necessary:
All three of them are childish and extremely cartoony characters.

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the obsession with “maturity” & “seriousness” is childish within it self.

Though I love how you jump straight to the usual response, ignoring the fair amount of “cartoony” things that already in KI (past and present).

those characters are different in many aspects from character design all the way down to behavioral traits, Your trying to prove a point by exaggerating but your crayons are dull dude.

Also “childish” and “Cartoony” are both somewhat subjective adjectives


Why does it matter that he won’t be in any potential sequel? Why can’t we enjoy him here and now? Plus just because a character is original to the series doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to return. Look at Street Fighter, there are tons of characters that were one game only despite being original characters.

He is a Rare IP, this is a Rare IP , if they wanted to they can legitimately say yeah he is canon to killer instinct now, its the same thing as Guy and Cody, yes Final Fight was originally the sequel to Street Fighter but that changed and made them two separate, and then later combined them.

I am not saying your not right however, this could be a one and done deal, but if he is popular which he seems to be I doubt they would leave him out.

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That makes less sense than KI’s plot right now. Listen to yourself dude. You’re saying that a mutant killer toad doesn’t fit in a game with a robot, walking skeleton, another robot, a ghost, a spider lady, and a dude on fire.
Your assumption that I must like MLP because Rash fits the game is all I really need to know

That’s a fine looking strawman you’ve demolished. If you have any interest in addressing the subject, we’ll be over here waiting for you.

I guess I stand corrected on the need for detail. You did warn me.
The word “childish” was used to differentiate characters like Rash or Rainbow Bright from the likes of KI, since it can easily be reasoned that KI is also cartoony. I used the word because I predicted (correctly, it would appear) that you might try to sweep it all under the “cartoon” rug, when there is actually a clear distinction between Bugs Bunny and Jago. Bugs Bunny is what I would call ‘more childish’. My intention was not to insult your preference for children’s entertainment. My Little Pony is a cartoon which appeals primarily to children. This fact is not good or bad. It’s not right of wrong. That’s just the way it is. I don’t know how to help you see the difference between that and KI. It’s quite stark to most people.
I also used the words “extremely cartoony” to differentiate those characters from KI characters. Fists and feet which become gigantic and exaggerated for powerful attacks are extremely cartoony. Call that subjective if you must, but I feel that if this effect belonged in KI, all the characters would do it.

You guys seem very upset about other peoples’ preferences. I’m not even proposing we get rid of the character. Enjoy him all you want. I’m just saying some of us would like to keep him out of our games. We all win in that situation.

No, no they don’t. You get to keep living your life entitled never growing up to see the fact that the world doesn’t revolve around you and your limited view of quality, and I get forced to deal with your spoiled ■■■ online, while also not being able to use things that I spent good money on. That’s a win for nobody.

There is literally no argument that I have heard that can’t be summed up in 2 letters. “QQ”

You want to force everybody to fight your derpy, out of place cartoon… And I’m the one who’s spoiled and entitled? If, by way of my idea, you’re unable to find matches online, that would be a pretty strong indicator that a vast majority hate the presence of that character in KI. Even if this idea is implemented, that wouldn’t happen. There are plenty of people who don’t care either way. You’d get to play as much as everybody else.

It’s beyond likely I won’t get what I’m asking for, to which I casually shrug while you’re still QQing about other people’s preferences.

Cinder is cartoony to me. Also I suck at playing against him. Can I get a check box for him too so I don’t have to play him?

He’s not a guest character, so no.

what about spinal… why isnt jogo wearin orange… ugh where can complain about tho unnatual sabrewolf colours so unrealistic :smirk:

Your goal was purely meant to “mock” people who like Rash there is no depth to that.