Feedback after watching stream

1st i would like to say its good to be back,
i have not been a user since the old site was updated cause i forgot my password so i created another account of the same name, anyway down to business.

*The new UI is not much different but it is a improvement good job IG.

*Character select is 100% improved i love it.

*Not sure about the accessories for both Kim and rash but im not gonna judge til i see them on my big ■■■ TV.

*I wish i can lock my colors in for my customs, it looks like that option still is missing which is disappointing.

*Theme select… SUPREME VICTORY

*New lighting is amazing.

*Not the biggest fan of the new shadow affect.

*The music for Arbiter, Rash, Kim and Tusk is on point.

*The Lv4 ender affect is not that great IMO.

Game Suggestions:
The Lv 4 ender affect should only apply to lv4 Shadow enders.

Shadow affect should be changed to a Omen like color or back to how it was, purple is a great color but not one that should be seen on a regular basis IMO especially in a fighter.

Tusk seems to hit really REALLY hard, i believe his damage should receive a nerf.

Shadow moves ( outside of lv 4 shadow enders ) should dim the stage like S1 projectiles.

If the goal is to make KI more flashy then i believe a mix of what we already have and what is added in S3 need to sync together. For enders the most cinematic of em all IMO is Thunders Call of the Earth lv 4 ender, this shows a few different angles that make that ender look phenomenal, another would be TJ’s Vortex lv 4 ender, other notable enders are Glacius’s Puddle punch lv 4 ender, and his lv4 Hail ender, Kan Ra’s Whirl ender.

In the current build of KI the enders i mentioned above already have a cinematic feel without the need of darken the stage, the camera angles on those lv 4 enders are flawless. Another thing i realize is the fact that some enders should not have a cinematic feel to them at all. For example Riptor’s Lv4 bycicle kick ender looks brutal without all the angles like Sadiras Demon blade Lv4 ender or Cinders Pyro bomb lv 4 ender.

What im suggesting is that all characters should have 1 or 2 cinematic enders that rival Thunders call of the earth Lv 4 or TJ’s Vortex lv 4 and have your basic lv4 enders like Cinders Pyro bomb or Sadira’s blade demon, having a variety is more flashy and will not distract from the action.

I thought about this too. You would think that Shadow enders deserve the special effects, and justify the crazy camera angles, but there is one big problem.

Shadow enders are usually only a SINGLE animation that does 5 hits. That is not cool to watch, and does not allow for very creative camera angles. REGULAR level 4 enders are multiple hits with multiple ANIMATIONS to back them up. And this leads to the possibility of MULTIPLE CAMERA ANGLE in a single ender as well. That makes them MUCH more fun to watch. (Cinders lvl 4 fire-flash ender is like 8 hits, and that is SO F****ING COOL TO WATCH.)


I still think people should wait to see how often these things actually occur when playing before worrying too much about it. I’m guessing it’s less than most people think.

Having said that, I would be much happier with limiting it to one or two Regular Enders rather than linking it to level 4 shadow Enders or shadow Enders at all.

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My prediction…there will be bugs…O SO MANY BUGS!

It looks great but im expecting a BUNCH a micro patches incoming. Still uber hyped though! Way more changes that I was expecting.

Am surprised they haven’t improved the main menu. There are so many sub menus am sure day one players will have trouble getting around it. I know I still do.

Secondly, the store is also in need of a major revamp. Finding it in the first place is hard. Trying to buy characters or modify them is also misleading. They really need to simplify the process.

Also and most importantly, take the new Shadow Enders and send them to the Shadow Realm. Get that lazy looking junk outta here. Man if they do keep it am going to wait until Evo and watch as the chat humiliates KI and calls it budget fighter or some other slander and come back here just to say “I told you so”. If there was ever anything in KI that has held the franchise back this would be it imo. This right here makes me give up and not have any respect for the game and deem it a lower quality fighting game than the Naruto Ultimate Storm games.

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not sure if I like the level 4 ender, we’ll see in-game, not sure it will happens a lot of time though.
But since they change something about the enders, I would have vote to bring back the mini-ultra combos

What I love be about the new character select screen is the way they got rid of the lag by shadowing the fighters out.

Yea, great ingenuity.