Feature suggestion: transition from ranked match to exhibition after the set ends

Basically, I’m fairly new to KI, but not to fighting games in general. I need matchup experience right now, and I need to play good players to get it. The issue is that it seems a lot of the more competent players are sticking to ranked matches, which means that if I go seek them out I can only play them in a ft2. A feature to transition to an endless set in exhibition mode if both players agree to after playing a ft2 in ranked would be useful for getting matchup experience if a player happens to run into a character they don’t often get to play against. Lord knows it’s frustrating to only get 3 games against a kan-ra when they’re the only one I’ve seen in hours.


Can’t you just send them a message asking for a set? That’s what I’ve always done and it seems to work out about 80% of the time. Yeah an option in the menus would be convenient but they’d have to entirely rework how the post ranked match menu system works since right now the two players get disconnected from each other as soon as the results screen pops up.

A lot of people have just ignored messages. Dunno, I just think more people would consider the option when it’s right there in the menu. Obviously this wouldn’t be a high priority.

I’ll play ya. :wink: