Favourite KI stage

  • Tiger’s Lair ~ Jago’s stage
  • Alchemical Lab ~ Sabrewulf’s stage
  • Crash Site ~ Glacius’s stage
  • Devil’s Landing ~ Thunder’s stage
  • Assassin’s Cave ~ Sadira’s stage
  • Rebel Outpost ~ Orchid’s stage
  • Shipwreck Shore ~ Spinal’s stage
  • Ultratech Industries ~ Fulgore’s stage
  • Downtown Demolition ~ TJ’s stage
  • City Of Dawn ~ Maya’s stage
  • Forbidden Archive ~ Kan-Ra’s stage
  • Hatchery 09 ~ Riptor’s stage
  • Forgotten Grotto ~ Aganos’s stage
  • Village Of Whispers ~ Hisako’s stage
  • Fury’s Core ~ Cinder’s stage
  • The Pinnacle ~ ARIA’s stage
  • Chinatown Brawl ~ Kim’s stage
  • Icehaven ~ Tusk’s stage
  • Arena Of Judgement ~ Arbiter’s stage
  • Astral Plane ~ Gargos’s stage

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What’s your favourite Stage in the game?
Had to cut out Shadow Tiger’s Lair because polls only accept 20 options max…

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Shame I only got to vote once…have a few fav stages.
Voted devils landing, but also love Tusk’s, Aganos’, Maya’s, Hisako’s and Kim-Wu’s stages.

Edit: changed my vote to Hisako’s stage…


Devil’s Landing/Thunder’s stage is my favorite.

It’s season 1 but Shipwreck still takes the price for me.

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It was thunder Hisako Maya Sadira Orchid & Kim Wu for me but I love thunder overall

It’s like lays it’s hard to pick one
I wish they had versions like mkx & SFV

Also love fulgore lighting and deep background layers. It reminds me of a level on Marvel Ultimate Alliance where they had to siege some enemy

I can’t stand Devil’s Landing or Forgotten Grotto anymore. Both have been picked too many times at tournaments. It should be random select for both music and stage for all Killer Instinct World Cup Qualifiers.

Ho boy, this is a tuffie.

They are all really good.

Devils Landing, Tigers lair, Chinatown Brawl, Arena of Judgement.

I guess I’ll go with Devils landing.

Spinal’s stage is my favourite, can’t beat the giant roc…I mean awesome giant octopus! Hisako’s is a close second, the atmosphere and mood is just great on both these stages. Third and forth would have to be Wulf’s lab and Aganos’ stage, least favourite is probably the Halo arena.

Thunders stage easily. Kim wu’s stage is my second pick.

I can’t decide. I like them all equally I guess.

Both industrial levels (fulgore and cinder’s) still have 0%, they are also my least favorite, glad I’m not the only one, if they decide to do make more stages, lets hope they go for other inspiration…

Spinal’s stage for me. Not only for the good stage but more the combination with the perfect music. Spinals theme on spinals stage is just awesome! When i can select the stage, 90% of the time this is the stage/music i pick, hands down. :smile:

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Arena of Judgement because I’m a Halo fanboy. :wink:

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Forgotten grotto.

From each Season, these are mine:

  • S1 - Shipwreck Shore
  • S2 - Forgotten Grotto
  • S3 - Chinatown Brawl

Shipwreck shore of course, best music too

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Forgotten Grotto is beautiful and has one of my favorite themes, how could I refuse it?

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Pinnacle all the way.

  • Two Super Fulgores in the background
  • Cool Sci-fi tech everywhere
  • ARIA’s throne
  • Stage Ultra involving booting someone out a window. I assume this is how ARIA “lays off” lousy employees…

It’s pure fattening win, wrapped in chocolate, wrapped in Ultra tech, wrapped in a KI stage.



An honorable mention to Orchids stage atmosphere without music and all the war sounds o F helicopters bombs walker talkies and guns ratatttatting it’s amazing

I like ALL of the KI stages for me here. Enough said :smile: