Favortie character per Season?

Season 1 [poll]

  • Jago
  • Sabrewulf
  • Glacius
  • Thunder
  • Sadira
  • Orchid
  • Spinal
  • Fulgore
  • Shadow Jago

Season 2

  • TJ Combo
  • Maya
  • Kan Ra
  • Riptor
  • Omen
  • Aganos
  • Hisako
  • Cinder
  • ARIA

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Season 3

  • Kim Wu
  • Tusk
  • Arbiter
  • Rash
  • Mira
  • Gargos
  • General RAAM
  • Eyedol

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We posted at the same time

what do you mean?

S1 - Spinal

S2 - Close tie between ARIA and Hisako, I went with ARIA because I find her more interesting lore wise

S3 - Eyedol

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I was asking about the poll for S3, and when I did you had already posted. Apologies

Anyway my votes.
S1: Wulf
S2: Hisako
S3: Gargos

I voted based on concept/design/story, not just who I liked to play the best.

S1 - Thunder: the Native American visuals and concept are really interesting, as well as his hunt to find/rescue his brother. His stage and music are among the best in the game, too.
S2 - Aganos: I’ve always loved gigantic characters in fighting games, and he obviously fits that bill. The stone golem aspects are great as well, even though I don’t really play him. I especially like his stage, and his theme is good.
S3 - Tusk (Mira as a close second). Conan the Barbarian mixed with celtic/norse influences, one of the best trailers in existence, and high end stage and theme. What’s not to love?


Fulgore (Sadira close second)
Hisako (Aganos close second)
Mira (Eyedol close second)

Season 1: Spinal because he’s my favorite character and I’m biased
Season 2: Cinder similar scenario with Spinal, but I also liked Hisako
Season 3: Tie between Arbiter and Gargos I really love both characters though I’m a lot better with Arby
so I’ll stick with him :smile:

Season 1: The ice man Glacius, if it weren’t for him I never would have continued playing KI.

Season 2: The herald of Gargos, I love his laugh, the wings, and his electrical skeletal/nervous system.

Season 3: The Shadow Lord himself Gargos, he was the character I’ve been waiting for the most to come back in KI2013 ever since I fought him in KI2.

Season 1: Sabrewulf (Sadira and Fulgore pretty close behind)

Season 2: Riptor (Hisako almost tied)

Season 3: Tusk (Mira a close second)

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My favorite characters, purely from an enjoyment perspective, are as follows:

S1: Glacius

S2: Kan Ra

S3: Mira

If I could pick two from each season, I’d say:

S1: Shadow Jago

S2: Aria

S3: Gargos, though Eyedol is quickly becoming one of my favorites as well!

S1: have a mix feeling between Shago and Orchid.

S2: Definitively ARIA. Stylish robot walkstep of all FG.

S3: Gargos. His taunts reminds me Shao Kahn lol

S1: Spinal: he is a funny skeleton who used to suck stuff, like him less now but he’s still my fav of the opening cast.

S2: Aria: Its close between Aganos and Aria but I had to go with bae because of the variety she has in her tool palette and how she is basically MvC mechanics in one character.

S3: General Raam: I gotta love his vicious grappling and that scary ■■■ instinct, also them knife footsies.

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S1: Fulgore, with Glacius not far. Both his new look and gameplay are perfect for him

S2: Aganos. Its just perfect. Love him

S3: Cant decide between Gargos and Eyedol, so I didn’t vote here. Both of them are awesome, both visually and gameplay wise