Favorite Symphonic Metal Bands

Now for all you metalheads especially, who are some of your favorite symphonic metal bands or ones that you enjoy the most? Also which symphonic metal band was the first one you come across? The first one that you listened to?

The VERY first symphonic metal band that I’ve ever come across and listened to was either Nightwish or Within Temptation for me here. At the same time they’re currently the ones that I enjoy listening to the most as well as have the most exposure to :slight_smile: :guitar:

A duet with Tarja, formerly of Nightwish/former member of Nightwish. Now that’s what I called SYMPHONIC METAL at its finest. At the same time they put the “symphonic” in symphonic metal :smile: :grin: :sunglasses:




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Though some might not qualify as Symphonic Metal bands, my favorite metal groups are, in no particular order:

Avenged Sevenfold
Five Finger Death Punch
Dead by April
Sonic Syndacate
Judas Priest
Lacuna Coil

More rock than metal bands:
My Darkest Days

Within temptation since they are from Holland like me and thought they made wonderful music, wasnt previously really aware of the music genre…

The a friend who noted my interest introduced me to nightwish and it has been one of my top 5 musical acts ever since. Now the lead singer is dutch aswell :sunglasses: I’ve know her since she was a singe in another symphonic metal band called After Forever, where I fell in love with her voice.

Now I wish to tell you another Dutch symphonic metal band/another symphonic metal band from Holland is The Gathering

Hold on, you’re talking about Tarja, right? She’s actually Finnish, not Dutch :confused:

When I saw the title I thought the thread would be about symphonic black metal bands like Dimmu Borgir.

In that vein, I don’t mind some Vesania from time to time:

As noted above, DImmu:

Arcturus is an interesting experiment that might count as symphonic, anyone put off by scary vocals might want to tune back in at this point:

Finally, for something more relevant to the OP’s intents, I just can’t go past Blind Guardian:

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Current singer (last album) from Nightwish is Floor (Dutch) the previous 2 albums the singer was Anette (or something like it) the first 4 albums were Tarja.

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Thanks for bringing the within temptation/tarja collaboration to my attention though :grin:

Where are you from?

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I enjoy Within Temptation. I don’t have a ton of stuff from them, but songs like “Faster,” “Ice Queen,” and the above mentioned “Paradise” are all pretty awesome in my book!

Would the Trans Siberian Orchestra be considered symphonic metal? Probably not lol. Either way, “Christmas Eve Sarajevo” is freakin awesome.

Other non-symphonic metal bands that I enjoy:

Trivium (their Ascendency album is one of the best metal albums I’ve ever heard)
In Flames
Skindred (if you like reggae metal, their Babylon album has some great tracks on it)
Lamb of God
All That Remains
Killswitch Engage
Lacuna Coil
Avenged Sevenfold
Five Finger Death Punch
Children of Bodom

I also like a few songs by Chimaira, like “Salvation” and a few by Shadows Fall as well.

More Rock than Metal:

Tool (ie the best band of the last 30 years)
Rise Against (the best Chicago export since deep dish pizza)

Also have that song “Paranoia” by A Day to Remember and “Stuck in Your Head” by I Prevail umm, stuck in my head lately. :slight_smile:


■■■■ yeah Disturbed FTW!


I am American and overall from the United States.

BTW you are welcome and no problem too :smile:

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Now I was wondering: Did Tarja and Nightwish had a falling out with each other? If so, what happened?

Tarja received a letter from the band (an open letter since it was also later published online, look it up) where the band states they cant go on with her because of different reasons (things to do with her friend/husband and how it took time away from the band and that she always wanted more money, etc…)

Tanja replied with a decent letter of her own (also can be found online)…

The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle…

Their follow up singer Anette Olzon was also fired from the band though…I personally suspect the band is pretty passionate about their music (and I feel that shines through pretty clearly) and when one of their members doesnt or cant give that same 110% then it ends up a problem…

Whether or not thats fair or a good thing…

Personally I ended up liking Anette Olzons 2 cd’s the best…