Favorite Sitcoms

What are some of your favorite sitcoms/sitcom series as well as ones that you enjoy watching the most from the past to the modern present-day while you were growing up?

Here are currently some of my favorite sitcoms as well as ones that I enjoy watching the most from the past and present that I grew up with:
Mork & Mindy
Family Matters
Perfect Strangers
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Sabrina the Teenage Witch

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Okay, if nobody else is gonna say it:

FRIENDS & Seinfeld.

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That 70’s Show
Look no further than this scene:


Call me crazy but full house was the stuff.

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So have you watched Fuller House or not yet?

Lol that was a while ago

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Family Matters
Full House
Three’s Company
I Love Lucy

This dude said “Perfect Strangers!” OMG shows how old we are!


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Yuuuup. I feel like we have similar tastes in entertainment

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And (Cousin) Larry :wink: :smile:

And we are overall 90s kids :smile: :grin: :sunglasses:

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Saved by the Bell
Clarissa Explains it All
Pete & Pete
Salute Your Shorts

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70s show
clarissa explains it all
spin city
family matters
home improvement
fresh prince
its always sunny in philadelphia


Kelso was The Man

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Gilligan’s Island
The Munsters

I still watch Frasier on a pretty regular basis, it’s been on cycled repeat as mid morning slot television on channel 4 for about 10 years here! Genius writing on that show. :heart:

My favorites would probably be:

Happy Endings
Boy Meets World
Golden Girls
Night Court
Mr. Belvidere
Spin City
News Radio
Empty Nest
Perfect Strangers
Small Wonder
30 Rock