Favorite epic final boss fight!

What’s your favorite epic final boss fight of all time!

This final boss is very epic fight and always make me goosebumps.

Its hard to think about my full on favorite final boss fight, but one i really love is Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts 2

Solid Snake vs. Liquid Snake on-top of Metal Gear Rex followed by the chase scene in jeeps through the tunnel to freedom.

Cynthia from pokemon Diamond

The Dark Dragon;

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Doom had some pretty great bosses.
The Cyberdemon, The Spider Mastermind, The Icon of Sin…
Such great fun

Nanomachines, son


Has got to be Ninja Gaiden black.

Not only the boss but the underworld tower leading up to the boss. Epic.

Ganondorf in Twilight Princess. It’s not a huge bull or anything Magical with death lazers, Just Ganon. Waiting for you to do battle with you one last time with a big sword.

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