Fantasy Strike (Kotaku article)

I can’t believe that there’s no thread on Fantasy Strike in these forums. I saw an interesting article on Kotaku posted to Twitter and I thought I would put it up here.

I don’t know Sirlin from Adam, although I have read some of his essays and heard through the grapevine that he is a bit of a handful. So clearly a polarizing figure in the FGC.

But I have to say that I like what I’m reading about this game. We have a lot of smart and thoughtful people haunting these forums with good understanding of fighting games. I’d love to hear what you guys think.


Ah this game is pretty fun and awesome. @MandrillManiac and I played FS matches at KIWC. :smiley:


I remember that yes!

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Yep, it was very fun. Your Rook is madness! Lol

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It kinda looks like a mobile game… is it a mobile game?

Nope. It’s Ps4 game

Whauw, really?
Well, it’s an indy game, explains the simple graphics…

It looks pretty good, I hope it gets finished.

I swear to gargos…

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Don’t swear, it’s f***king rude!

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But that’s a different plate of cookies for a different glass of milk.


Well then…
Now I’m hungry, so excuse me…

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Talk to you later good chap.

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Yet indie developers also make aaa games, and aa games.

No one got the reference.

That doesn’t change that this game looks like a mobile game.

To one and All I implore you, give this game a shot while you can. It takes a lot of successful elements from SF2 and Rising thunder and is one great concept.

wow…2 necro posts for one thread…is that a record?

anyway i remember seeing an article about this a short while ago. my only concern is how different teching throws are…im so used to other differet strats for breaking throws that range from pressing throw buttons to just simply pressing any attack button (pokken) but just not pressing anything? weird.

still hope they in the future change the super animations for something unique. like the sword guy using his sword for the super and etc for what i assume for the other charecters.


Just Picked This up myself during The Autum Sale…

Decided to play Jaina… but if I wana play ranked I need two Back Ups… definitely going to have Lum… and maybe Setsuki.

Edit: why did they Give Midori a Bajillion Health in Arcade Mode ? The Last Thing a Cheating AI needs is more Staying Power.

Anyway Lum was Solid, He’s got a pretty dum reversal but atleast he has one and it saved me bunch of times his nA is a decent Anti-Air and that’s pretty much all it is, I can Combo with it to save my life … plus ITEM COMBOS !!!..

Setsuki was a Struggle… I can deal with having no Reversal but no Anti-Air ? Its killing me because The AI is very Jump Happy and players online jump even more… I thought I might go with Degrey but he kinda has a similar Problem… plus he’s too difficult for me right now. Hmmmmmm.

Will just stick it out with Setsuki and just ADAPT. But first let me try Rook.