Fall Creators Update Support & Performance

I’m not running a crazy rig, but one that generally crushes most games pretty easily at 1080p/1440p (sometimes even 2160p). For Killer Instinct prior to the Win10 Fall Creator’s Update I was averaging 1850-2200/1000 (driver depending/auto-overclocking depending).

I finally got around to installing the Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update yesterday, and when I played KI today, I thought I’d do a performance test just for the heck of it. For whatever reason (ran the test twice just to see the difference) and was only getting 1003/1000. Most non-Win10 games seem to be working better than before, but I remember when the Creators Update came out it took a few weeks to get an update out to KI that got it running the way it should on that update. I was just wondering if that was the case again here?

I noticed Win 10 KI tends to work best NOT with latest drivers, but with specific older versions.

On my old rig, I only pass benchmark on 362.00 version of nvidia drivers. Any newer or older gives me around 800/1000 results.

Maybe with updating OS, your drivers also automatically updated and Win10 KI works worse with them.

The Fall Creators Update (1709) fixed some major issues with performance that were introduced back in the Creators Update (1703). Though I may give reinstalling my drivers a go. I did install them either a day or two before installing the update. Might make a difference just doing a clean install of them. As I mentioned my non-Win10 games are seeing better performance (used to get odd hitch in some games due to the 1703 update performance glitch).


After downloading and re-installing drivers I’m still getting the exact same performance score. No matter what’s running on my other monitor or not. I went one step further today and opened EVGA’s XOC app. Which on Auto shows you what your card is running at for RAM and GPU speed. I noticed right away after getting into a match, the game isn’t pushing my card to full performance anymore. It’s actually barely pushing it past what’s needed for watching a 1080p twitch stream (and Maximilian Dood streams at a crazy quality compared to most streamers).

I mean the game is playing totally fine, but since installing the 1709 update, it’s like the game doesn’t push my GPU anymore than what’s needed to run it at optimal settings. I noticed ReCore is doing the same thing. I haven’t tried Halo Wars 2 (which just had a huge update), but HW2 also supports super sampling.

Any chance of seeing the ability to enable Super Sampling Resolutions in Killer Instinct? I’m only running a 1080p monitor, but would love to crank the game up to 200% to get the pixel count of 4k (I know of a way to do it through a DSR desktop, but that’s a bit of a pain). It really does make games look that much better even when it has to downscale them to display at 1080p.