FailFish on returning players

Well that’s one down

Now we need Daigo. Arbiter Evo moment 37

I don’t think this straight up means he hates the change and is leaving the game. Don’t jump to conclusions.

Not that I care, I’m just saying in general.

What I was going to say, i don’t see a follow-up from justin explicitly stating he dislikes it. Even if it is, its just one character, I bet he’ll love Aganos if he gives him the time.

I don’t think that means he didn’t like it, maybe he had other things to do and meant he only got 2 play for 2 mins. I also wouldn’t expect him to make KI his primary fighting game, the SF guys are always going to be SF first lol

Er, this is a weird, obsessive thing to start a thread about.

It’s just a change, but seriously…

That move is sooooo good…

Doesn’t mean he hates the game dood.