Failed to reach matchmaking servers ALL THE TIME

so i downloaded or better to say wasted 21.7GB of my bandwidth for this game just to find out there are some racist rules by microsoft towards my country. first of all the microsoft store was not opening at all for me and i contacted microsoft support about it and they said i have to change my location to USA and then it works. i did this and i could finally download KI, after the game was downloaded every time i try to play multiplayer i get this error after 1-2 minute searching and finding no players:

Failed to reach matchmaking servers

i tried it with different type of VPN which changes IP but no chance, i tried without VPN and again no chance. i reverted my location from USA to what it was and still no chance.

and the best part is when i try to use the live chat support for Xbox live support it says it is not available for me which again refers back to my location and even changing the location in regional settings is not helping. way to go microsoft to support your fans.