Fade Out Lock Out Icons

The instead of disapearing imeadietly the it would be a nice option to make them fade as the time on them runs out. I like the blue lock out idea also. Maybe it will tie into better combo timing.

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This is useless to visually impaired players. If any, the lockout icons should have a sound effect for when the lockout ends.

All these could hide under the option “sound cues” in the options menu, along with the annoying “blowout kv meter” sound

Visually impared people have sound cues. The majority of players are not blind.

No, this would lead to there being an awkward area where the icon is too faded to see but still active thereby making it look and feel like your breaks aren’t registering.

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I also share this concern.

Maybe a timer on the lockout icon. Even though it doesn’t sound aesthetically pleasing to me, maybe they could work out a way to make it look cool.

It already feels like that, and no a timer on top of the lock out does not sound like it would look good.

Doesn’t mean it can’t/shouldn’t be done. Having suggested the original audio cues in a thread back on the season 2 forums and having them included in the game was a great boost to accessibility and playability. I mentioned the reasons for the existence of the cues in a brief post on Reddit and once people read it, they understood exactly why they were useful and they didn’t seem as frustrated with the sounds.

I agree there should be toggles for the cues as well, but that’s a topic for a different discussion.

As for the matter in hand, it wouldn’t need to be much, just a sound counting down to the lockout ending rather than the ending of the lockout on its own. Having a timer allows the user to know when they can break as soon as possible rather than waiting for the small sound to say “this is the end of your lockout” then breaking on reaction to that.

Who knows. It might help others as well who get continually locked out to know when to try their next breaker.

I think this is an interesting idea, and forgetting for a moment the objection of visually impaired players, I think this could be done pretty easily.

What I’m wondering is why this would be helpful? Are you trying to get more notice that the lockout is about to end so that you can end a combo or so that you can attempt a breaker? I’m just not sure what this would add to the game. Besides better timing a true mash/guess break I don’t know what this does for anyone.

Alternatives to fading that may address the issue for visually impaired players might include having it flash right before it goes out or the aforementioned sound.

We have a new presentation for lockout coming in S3! :scream:


I was going to suggest that the X stay the whole time, but the ! Get more faded. Then the X disappears once the ! Is completely gone. But…

Seems they have something figured out already lol

Interesting…I was also going to suggest effects for lock out symbols… Like a special lock out for characters, like if you get locked out by glacious the icon becomes a frozen “X”, or Jago gets a burning “X” ect ect.

Wow. That’s an unexpected nugget of information. Cool.

people finally got new info! YAY! now we just have to wait another 3 months to hear something else lol