Fable Legends Dev: DX12 give up to 40% faster performance


40% more performance.

Season 3 needs DX12 <3



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Dear IG

Agreed, IG:

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They probably have done it already, just maybe though. The only thing I’ve heard so far is that there is better “lighting” in all stages. Everything about KI Season 3 is a mystery, besides Kim Wu… and the Halo thing.

Just what the hell else is going on? We don’t know yet… what’s the pricing, release date, WHAT IS GOING ON ???

“With some operations.” He’s not talking about an overall 40% improvement in graphics horsepower.

You guys need to be careful with this stuff. It’s been pretty well discussed by knowledgable people that X1 isn’t going to see a revolutionary benefit from Dx12. On PC it will allow programmers to run closer to the theoretical limits of the hardware but X1 as a console already gets more attention to optimization so it is pretty close to the theoretical limit without Dx12. I expect we will see some good stuff taking advantage of Dx12 features but the suggestion that it’s going to somehow “change the game” on Xbox is just not reality based.

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