f2p restriction - only 1 character?

So I installed this on xbox one when it first came out, didn’t play it because of the single character limit. But I installed it the other day on windows 10 and had all of season 1 characters unlocked. Was this some kind of cross play bonus for windows 10 or is that supposed to be unlocked for any new windows 10 player?

I convinced my friend to upgrade to windows 10 so we could play but he apparently only has access to a single character.

Season 1 was given away with games with gold earlier, perhaps you grabbed it.


Did you have Xbox live during December or January? If so season 1 was free with games with gold. Since you had previously installed the game it just gave you ownership of the content without having to download it.

Yep okay that explains it. Half the time I dont even look at whats free, I just click buy haha.