Eyedol's story plot hole? (SL spoilers)

So if you’ve unlocked Eyedol you’ll probably have heard that Gargos tasked his generals or whatever he called them with protecting the petrified remains of Eyedol so he could never be resurrected. These mimics have guarded the pieces of thousands of years apparently.

So… there was a green Sabrewulf in the Astral plain 3,000 years or whatever, watching over this relic I’m to believe? The mimics in SL have dialogue and they refer to Gargos as their live giver, implying that they were just born when he invaded…

How could a mimic have existed thousands of years ago despite only taking on this form at the start of the war for Earth? Are the mimics just changing form to copy the fighters and have existed for centuries before? Because all of the dialogue in the game says otherwise. All of it sounds fishy and doesn’t add up.

Forgive me if I’m mistaken, I haven’t read all the dossiers because I don’t have them all unlocked if there’s an actual answer tucked in there I don’t know.


Mind you, I haven’t seen SL since the update yet since it keeps crashing, but I think this is where you are wrong. Just because he’s their “life giver” doesn’t mean that they were just born. They could’ve been created thousands of years ago, but in a different form. I mean come on, Sabrewulf wasn’t born over a thousand years ago… So how could there be a Sabrewulf mimic over a thousand years ago? It makes no sense!

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Well that’s the point I was trying to make, if these being existed for so long there’s no way they were in their current mimic form.

To my knowledge though, nothing suggests that they were. Who’s to say they can’t change over time or take a new form?

Yeah, that’s kinda why I posted this because its not really explained but the way the characters are presented it appears as though they’re new beings. Some sort of explanation or history would be nice.

My advice? Don’t worry about it so much. It’s not really all that important anyways…

You’re right, its not that important in general.

However they’ve gone a long ways and put in a lot of effort to make this story, so I can’t help but be invested in the story they’re trying to tell. So discussions about it are to be expected, I think.

Yeah, but even the greatest of stories/franchises get things wrong sometimes. Heck, even Game of Thrones has messed things up!

How do we know the minions weren’t originally omens who took the shape and form of other fighters.

We really don’t, that’s what i’m asking these hard hitting questions. XD

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Actually now that I think about it one of the new quest line is how mimics got into the shadow labs.

Yeah it was Mimic ARIA so apparently it had ARIA’s knowledge to know where Shadow Lab Prime was and how to release them… A creature that’s been around for “eons” wouldn’t gain the knowledge of whomever its copying right?

continuity arguments, home sweet home …

… if time travel returns for the KI reboot, all cards are on the table

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True, I shouldn’t be reading so much into this but it begs the question.

I mean if they had just made the guardians Omens it wouldn’t have had to be asked.

All I know is that stories in works of fiction usually don’t always make sense.

Now that I think about it, in the dosiers didn’t they say that Eyedol’s body was in the Astral Plane “where it should have stayed” until Kan-Ra awoke him? Soooo how was it in the Astral Plane while also being in fragments on Earth? I am not at home so I can’t check the dosiers myself, I could be wrong, but I thought it was something like that.
Also, side inquiry: Forgive me if this is too off-topic, but is there a way to make the Kan-Ra’s Request quest line start again? I reeeeally enjoyed it and was looking forward to going through it again, making different decisions to see the result and how far the circumstances could be shifted.


I’m pretty sure most of his body was in the astral plane while other pieces were scattered on earth.

I can accept that, I suppose that in the quest you don’t exactly retrieve every part of him, just the hand, an eye, club and what have you, but there was certainly no torso or legs to be found. Furthermore we do know that at least half of his head was still in the Astral Plane, so fair enough :stuck_out_tongue:

If i remember correctly, it was mentioned either by the knights of gargos themselves or in a dossier that the knights have taken many forms, so they might be able to change who they mimic. I’m guessing they just look like the normal mimics because…

Idk for that one, maybe gargos just isn’t very creative :confused:

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It was probably just easier for the devs to make them mimics instead of giving them an original form.