Eyedoll story idea and gameplay

Shadow mode comes out and everyone is trying to beat gargos and he begins to start losing. When he sees that omen shadow jago and his astral army is losing he decides to start a fragile alliance. He opens a portal to his realm and tells rival eyedoll and his army if he helps him destroy the human race he will allow him to take half of the galaxy as his own.

Design eyedoll to look like he does in ki1. But just more detail maybe a orcish style cloth armor and belt.
His gameplay would function like this; lows, his right side of his body is a club swing and right hoof kick. mediums are his left side, a punch and normal kick. Heavy punch would have him hold his club with both hands and swing it. Heavy kick would cause him to stomp the ground.
His shadow moves would he a wild 5 swing with both hands on the club. His second shadow move would be a sprint forward knocking down the player and stomping over him. His third shadow move would be a club throw where the club bounced off the player stunning them then catching the club and slamming him into the ground.
His instinct would be both heads doing a side head butt to each other causing him to go beserk with increased speed.