Eyedol Predictions

So, we know that when Shadow Lords launches, Eyedol will be getting his own quest line. I figured we could get some theory crafting/suggestion throwing going.

Faction: Chaos. Duh.

Dialogue: I have a feeling Eyedol will have 2 very different kinds of dialogue.
The Mage Head will give swiftian reposts, almost Shakespearean in mannerisms. "Your lord’s hubris shall be the undoing of both of you, imposter!"
The Warrior Head, on the other hand, will likely have dialogue straight out of the Doom Comic. "RIP AND TEAR YOUR GUTS"
He might even switch mid sentence. “I shall be upon thee with fury, and BEAT YOU TILL YOU PISS BLOOD!”

Storylines: I have a feeling there will be a storyline involving Kan-Ra and maybe Gargos may need to be done before Eyedol himself can be unlocked. I could be wrong though. Something about killing him and then resurrecting him.
His own story arc will definitely involve his revenge against Gargos. Side missions will include beating up on Kan-Ra, finding a means of going to the Astral Plane, and raiding some Tylenol.

After you defeat Gargos however… I think the “S” in Shadow LordS will make itself apparent, and a new boss will appear in the mode.

So, what do you dudes think?


Tylenol? Lol. Now I’m no nurse. But wait, I am. He might need something stronger than Tylenol. I’m thinking something by Rx only.

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I’m hooked.

This makes me think of a game me & my brother used to do where we would flip through channels mid sentence to see if the combinations would be funny.
We would wind up with stuff like:
“Are you having trouble with food staying stuck on dishes? Well you’re in luck”
"There is a heavy storm moving in from the northwest, with possibility of a tornado forming"

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    "Only at Taco Bell"
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I think this is a great idea and story theory…but…given what Ive seen so far of Shadow Lords…this is wish ful thinking. I dont believe we will see much more voice acting or cinematic then we already have. lets hope Im wrong, but after S2 and Sl story modes… I just dont see there being much of a change.

I never said anything about cinematics. I was talking about mission dialogue and flavor text. :stuck_out_tongue:
There may well be more cutscenes later on, but I’m mostly thinking of the other bits (apart from the ending with Eyedol taking over, of course).

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