Eyedol petition

Do you think if we give IG enough money like shago eyedol will be a real boy? we have gargos maybe we should make a petition to them to give us eyedol. what do u guys think?

Forget it!

Really, dude? Really?

First off, we don’t even know if Eyedol’s not in this season yet.

Secondly, the devs and community managers already know that people want Eyedol. They don’t need a random petition to see that.

i was talking about for next season

In case you are wondering,I just made it because I was bored and let people who wanted Eyedol do something.

Well, if Eyedol didn’t return in Season 3. Then We will make petition for Eyedol! But we don’t know who’s final character in S3…

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I don’t know if ti sneccisary, but if we have to have a reason 4 to get Eyedol in then so be it.

How about we wait and see who number 8 is before we start writing petitions and stuff?

Yeah, or at least do the following options to.

A: Get Eyedol in for community fund
B: Support the game to warrant a Season 4

One of those can also work to.

One thing I have noticed is IG/MS have been oddly quiet about who the last character is…no silouhettes, no hints, nothing. My guess is it is Eyedol, but if they said anything we’d all immediately know it, no way to misdirect into thinking it might be something else.

If this is going to be a petition then I demand Jago have an alternate accessory that allows for his mask to come off!

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i want to see Jago unmasked accessory! But his face need change because his face is ugly…


Agreed…that guy’s so bad he looks like he was hit with an ugly stick…that stick being a double-barreled shotgun full of rat-face shot.

I mean I don’t want to say he’s ugly, but Doomguy asked if you could tune down the gore a bit…

I wouldn’t say that around this guy, he’s prone to face punching:

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Moving this to Feedback since it’s primarily about Eyedol.

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Ugly you say?






@RTA07 would be proud :innocent:

LOL! But this remind me of Johnny Bravo…

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One thing’s for sure - THIS dude is objectively UGLY…

I present to you - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Uni-clops!


I used his model :joy::laughing: