Eyedol last character?

Recently I have been reading a lot of stuff about Eyedol and his design etc… So I don’t think like a small chance Eyedol won’t be in S3. If he is then I will be impressed to see how they manage to pull off a redesign. If he isn’t in the remaining two I won’t be as mad because it makes sense what is being said about him and his design. SO I will be waiting until the long-awaited Eyedol tease if not oh well :slight_smile: :heart:

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Yeah Eyedol is not likely to be in S3 but if we keep going for a season 4 Eyedol will have a chance to make it in the game :slight_smile:

Why there title “RIP Eyedol in S3”?.. But S3 is not finish yet… We dont know who’s final character, maybe Eyedol or new character? I think we shouldn’t confirm Eyedol won’t be in S3 because they didn’t reveal Eyedol…


We’ll have to wait and see before we call it.


Will be a shame the entire ki roster but eyedol…


Not gonna miss him since I’m indifferent whether he makes it or not. And if the developers are not “feeling it” can’t blame them. Or perhaps they need all the extra time to make him work/right, reason why he might be the last character to be revealed.

Even if they’re not huge Eyedol fans, MS/IG have to be cognizant of the fact that there are a good number of people on the board that want him. Plus the fact that he was the first boss in the whole series and that does hold a certain level of nostalgia / respect for some fans.

Personally, I’m indifferent to him in the sense that I believe IG could do a good job with him and make him a compelling character, perhaps even an awesome character that I’d be very interested n using. Such is my faith in their abilities.

But if character 8 turns out to be someone else, or if they simply come out and say “look, we don’t like the core design and we find nothing redeemable in him that we want to build off of, so we decided to do something else that we thought you’d like more instead.” I’d understand, even if a very small part of me would be a little disappointed.


Nah, if he isn’t in season 3, he will be in season 4 for sure.

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Considering they don’t want to do Ultimates at all in new KI. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t want to Eyedol even if a lot of people want him in the game.

But I must refer back to my point that I do think people shouldn’t call it until the very last reveal.

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Yup, plus if you think about it, a lot of people were trying to keep Kim wu, Tusk and Maya out of this KI because how they were presented in KI2. Never stopped anyone form wanting them in. Even Kim Lobb said that he would love to have Riptor in, yet he said that unless a lot fo people didn’t want her. She wasn’t goanna be seen for a long time

If Maya, Tusk, and Kim Wu can become a bigger improvement from their old incarnations. Why can’t Eyedol.

Like to be honest Eyedol will be really interesting in all the aspects of it

Indeed, the devs juts need to think fo how to present him his all.

As a lover of KI since the first game, I would really like Eyedol to make it in. He is the LAST character of both KI and KI2 that is not in the game. And I’m sure if they can put in Gargos who only had three abilities in KI2 and make him cool (granted we haven’t seen him yet), then I’m sure they could do great by Eyedol.

I think if he is not one of the last characters to be revealed, they should do a Community Fund like they did with Shadow Jago, and have him as the “9th character” for Season 3.

Only time will tell… my fingers are definitely crossed…

I honestly think the last character is Eyedol. Primarily I think so because the devs as of late have been extremely tight-lipped when it comes to any remarks one way or another about if he’s in or not. They won’t say yes, but at the same time they haven’t directly denounced him either. 5 extra stages they denounced. Ultimates they said we’re not getting them. But Eyedol…they’ve been strangely quiet, aside from an odd comparison to Sesame Street’s 2-headed monster…

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If Eyedol isn’t one of the last characters, hopefully he will be the goal of the new community fund, and not another Shadow Character!

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If S4 is limited to 1 new character (Eyedol), Ultimates / No Mercies for all characters and extra stages for characters currently without a stage, I’ll be fully satisfied.


like if Eyedol is not the last two idk what I will do honestly

If we do get a season 4 it would be good to actually get all those things.

Complain on the internet like the rest of us? :3


100% I will do that sadly