Eyedol existence

Wether eyedol will be playable in the game or not can IG tell us if he will or does even exist in their universe. Wether it’s in the novella, a character ending, or shadow lords mentioning.

They won’t say anything to enable them the freedom to decide at a later point (they’ve never given hints of other characters via plot regarding any other characters until after they are announced).

If they ever have a season 4, or more characters released post season 3, I’d expect he’d be a no brainer.

But good luck with the question!

I do believe he was confirmed to be be one of the two warlords who fought thousands of years ago, but were then banished to the Limbo dimension where they were kept prisoners, the other warlord being Gargos.

This is just absurd, on the face of it.


This is my guess, but they’re not going to say anything about Eyedol until he’s fully ready…his design is so unique and obvious if they showed anything about him…a club, a silouhette, anything…their last big secret is out of the bag.
No, he’s gonna come at us like his full-force shoulder bash in KI1.

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