Eyedol as an anouncer?

I was thinking; Eyedol has such a bad-■■■ voice. so wouldn’t it be awesome to have Eyedol as an 4th anouncer?

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Why not gargos?
Why not raam?
Why not omen?

I don’t really see eyedoll fitting an announcer role. The candidates having to be carefully chosen, it’s like saying what if Ashton Kutcher was the next James Bond? That is of course rhetorical Kutcher would suck as James Bond.

Rash Announcer or bust. Rash’s voice actor is hype as hell.


I want a Hisako Japanese announcer. That would be so cool.

Eyedol, idk.


Appart from the “I serve no one” line, does eyedoll has any other line? Except for strange shout and groan that is. Cause right now I genuinely can’t remember anything else.

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I would like to have a real woman do the combo announcing. The Aria voice is to soft, and most of the time I can’t even hear it over the music. A sexy female would be really great, so good that most people would do 30+ combos just to her heresy say “godlike”. Jokes aside I would just like a plain female announcer over Eyedol or any other cast member

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That’s because he had no other lines.

I think Gargos should be an announcer “Kneel to your Gawd” he almost sounds like the Mike announcer. It’d be interesting to hear Gargos announce.

Eyedol not so much… I mean most of his voice clips come from some tiny dog and he dude that works on the audio in KI

Sounds like all the characters need a go at announcing…
Why not SPINAL…
SADIRA would be real interesting to listen to!

I’ve said it before but yo, I want Maximilian Dood as an announcer, and I want him to shout “LET’S GO!” when you initiate an ultra.


Or how about ken lobb as announcer?


Spinal doesn’t talk though he just cackles

my dream ? Mortal Kombat anonuncer for KI : )

I’d buy it.

Also the Halo Announcer.

You mean the chiefs voice?

No, Master chief does not do the mutilplayer voice overs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh well whatever.

Yeah but which one?

im talking about the classic anouncer man, you know --fatality- -finish him- etc
but i like Quan chi : ) as anouncer too

From the very first MK game right?