Eyedol, Arias trick up her sleeve against Gargos?

Is it possible that ig is planning on releasing eyedol last, making him be arias trump card? Maybe she gets overwhelmed by Gargos power so she summons him? Eyedol was brought up by ultratech in the original KI wasn’t he? Just a thought although I feel us eyedol fans will end up disappointed


I had posted up a similar theory quite a while ago, it would be a perfect way to introduce Eyedol but I’m starting to have my doubts.

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Yeah, for some reason, I’m really starting to doubt that Eyedol is the final character. I’d really love it to be, but not feeling very confident it will happen…

I wouldn’t bet on him coming but look at what they did with gargos, now imagine what they could do with eyedol. It would be a missed opportunity in my opinion.

Or maybe, Eyedol works with Gargos?

I had thought about that too, like making Eyedol a second in command and sort of a reluctant Starscream character to Gargos’ Megatron.

But they were rivals, I don’t think they would change something like that. But who knows. I just want him in the game even if he’s non playable. Like a secret boss fight type thing. And make him ridiculously hard to beat lol

Well that’s what I mean, Starscream hates Megatron and wants with all his heart to dethrone his master and rule the galaxy. Eyedol and Gargos would fit that perfectly.

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Sorry I didn’t know that lol I’m not into transformers, but yea that seems like a cool idea


After seeing Gargos in action I have no doubts that ig can transform Eyedol into something badass. We’ll just have to see what’s next. Hopefully we get a teaser for the next character this time, I’m really excited to see who the last two are.

Its okay, I guess I shouldn’t assume everyone knows nerd stuff. lol

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Cool lol another thing, shadow lords, it’s plural, gargos is just one, maybe eyedol can be another, or maybe a certain general can be made into a new boss?? I whish we had more info on shadow lords and had character silhouettes like in season 2 lol

It depends on which Transformers series you’re talking about. His original character, yes…but there have been variations. One version had him with more of a “Daddy doesn’t love me, so I need to show him how strong I can be so he’ll be proud of me” kind of personality. Then there was the Bayformers version, where he was more of an Igor type character.

Honestly I wouldn’t want Eyedol to be a Starscream like character. Starscream is an imcompetant weasly rat with a huge ego. It wouldn’t be a good fit.

If he were to borrow a personality from Transformers, I’d say War for Cybertron’s Megatron. He was so bada$$…he’s the kind of guy that walked up to a spaceship-sized Transformer (Omega Supreme) that was hunting him down and he was like," F*** you, I’m putting you down, and there’s not a d*** thing you’re going to do about it." He made Kratos look like a pansy. THAT’s what Eyedol should be…


The one and only true continuum G1. lol

If the story mode releases with Gargos then no. The final character would then be a guest character because they don’t appear in the story.

Pretty sure they mentioned shadow lords NOT coming with gargos, but idk, he could be like omen that doesn’t have story mode

Yeah, I’d really love Eyedol be able to hold his own, not just a servant of Gargos.

I agree with many of the fans who have suggested he would be the trump card that ARIA has against the battle against Gargos.

I said something about this millions of times that ARIAs secret weapon is Eyedol and he will go after Garbos etc etc